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All About Candace Owens says Tennessee Hospital

Conservative analyst and author Candace Owens made headlines in the summer of 2022. And this was after alleging mistreatment at Saint Thomas Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. According to Owens, hospital staff attempted to hold her and her newborn daughter hostage after she gave birth. Telling her she was not allowed to leave until they drew blood from the hours-old, perfectly healthy child. The incident has sparked a wider conversation about healthcare controversies. As well as patient autonomy, and the politicization of healthcare issues.

Background on Candace Owens

Candace Owens is a well-known conservative commentator and author, with a significant following among right-wing audiences. However, her views on issues such as race, and immigration are. And gender has sparked controversy in the past, with some accusing her of promoting divisive rhetoric. Owens announced her pregnancy in early 2022. She gave birth to her second child, Louise, on July 13 of that year.

Candace Owens’ Allegations of Mistreatment

In an interview with DailyMail.com, Owens recounted what she described as “24 hours of torture” following the birth of her daughter. She claimed that the mistreatment began after she declined antibiotics. And contraction-inducing drugs during labor, citing concerns about the potential side effects. According to Owens, hospital staff then attempted to forcibly administer the drugs against her will.

However, the situation escalated when hospital staff insisted on drawing blood from Owens’ newborn daughter. Whereas, despite the fact that the child was healthy and showed no signs of distress. Owens alleges that the staff threatened to call child services and have her daughter taken away if she refused to comply.

Response from Saint Thomas Hospital

Saint Thomas Hospital has disputed Owens’ version of events, issuing a statement to DailyMail.com. In this, they have claimed that the hospital had followed standard medical protocols in the care of both Owens and her newborn daughter. The statement emphasized the hospital’s commitment to patient safety and privacy. And have suggested that Owens’ allegations have been based on misunderstandings or misinterpretations of medical procedures.

Public Reaction to Owens’ Claims

Owens’ claims have sparked a range of reactions from the public, with some expressing sympathy and support for her. While others have criticized her for what they see as an attempt to exploit the situation for political gain. Owens has a significant following among conservative and right-wing audiences. However, some have suggested that her allegations are part of a wider campaign to undermine trust in healthcare institutions and promote a more skeptical view of medical professionals.

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Discussion of Larger Issues

The controversy surrounding Owens’ experience at Saint Thomas Hospital raises a number of broader issues related to healthcare and patient autonomy. One key concern is the extent to which patients have the right to refuse medical treatment or interventions, even if they go against medical advice or standard protocols. Owens’ decision to decline antibiotics and contraction-inducing drugs during labor is an example of this issue, as is her refusal to allow hospital staff to draw blood from her newborn daughter.

Another issue raised by the controversy is the potential for discrimination or bias in healthcare settings. Owens has a vocal critic of what she sees as liberal bias in media and academia, and some have suggested that her allegations of mistreatment at Saint Thomas Hospital are part of a broader narrative of conservative victimization. On the other hand, some have suggested that Owens may have been targeted for mistreatment due to her political views or public profile.

Finally, the controversy surrounding Owens’ experience highlights the extent to which healthcare issues have become politicized in recent years. With debates raging over issues such as healthcare reform, vaccine mandates, and COVID-19 protocols, the role of politics in shaping public perception of healthcare issues has become increasingly prominent.

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