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David Dahmer: Where Is Jeffrey Dahmer’s Brother Now?

David Dahmer, the younger son of Joyce and Lionel Dahmer, had a life filled with nothing but happiness and love until his older brother, Jeffrey Dahmer, became one of the most notorious serial killers in history. David chose to distance himself from his brother’s crimes and left the country before they have even discovered – a decision that would later shape his life. Thanks to the work of Ryan Murphy, the real-life story of the Dahmer family has brought to life in the series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. With David’s real-life story now playing out on Netflix, viewers can witness the incredible resilience of a seemingly normal family in the face of unimaginable evil.

Who Is David Dahmer?

Born seven years after Jeffrey Dahmer, one of America’s most infamous serial killers, David Dahmer was born on December 18, 1966. According to Distractify, Jeffrey allegedly named his younger brother David. Despite being siblings, Jeffrey and David had very different personalities. While Jeffrey was reportedly shy and reserved, David was more outgoing.

When their parents separated, the boys split up as well. While Jeffrey went to live with their father, David went to live with their mother, Joyce. At this time, Jeffrey was already beginning to commit his heinous acts, with his first known murder being committed when David was only around 12 years old. While Jeffrey lived in Wisconsin and was already beginning to create a name for himself, David was living a seemingly normal life away from his brother’s darkness.

David Dahmer Early Life

Jeffrey Dahmer was the first of two sons of research chemist Lionel Herbert Dahmer and teletype machine instructor Joyce Annette. His childhood has marked by loneliness and isolation. As his parents struggled with various marital issues.

Lionel, who was still a student, was often away from the house. While Joyce, a hypochondriac and spent much of her time in bed. Because he was suffering from bouts of depression and had even attempted suicide. Young Dahmer was constantly exposed to his parents’ loud arguments, leaving him feeling neglected and alone. According to Lionel’s book on his son, neither parent was able to devote enough time and attention to his upbringing.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s life took an unexpected turn after he underwent double hernia surgery at the age of four. Having an energetic and happy child, he suddenly became extremely quiet and shy. His teacher at elementary school noticed that he was exhibiting signs of abandonment. Because of this his mother’s deteriorating health during her second pregnancy. In 1966, his family relocated to Doylestown, Ohio, and his mother gave birth to her second son. And this son’s name is Dahmer.

He named the baby after himself, and his father began working as an analytical chemist. He has exposed to the process of preserving bones. David Dahmer began to dig up and clean animal bones and taught himself how to preserve skulls and body parts. Meanwhile, he became a problem child at school, preferring to name the class clown than focus on his grades. He also came to terms with his sexuality and had a brief and non-sexual relationship with a classmate. The year 1977 saw his parents divorcing after Lionel discovered his wife’s brief involvement with another man.

Jeffrey and David Dahmer’s parents explained to their sons that the split between them was amicable. By giving them a choice to stay with either their mother or father. In the spring of 1978, Joyce left the family home with her younger son, David Dahmer, while Jeffrey, who had just turned 18, decided to stay in the family home.

David Dahmer Age

The infamous serial killer whose heinous acts shocked the nation in the late 20th century. However, he will turn 55 this September. His brother, Jeffrey Dahmer, is 7 years his senior. He gained notoriety as one of America’s most notorious serial killers. However, the story of David often plays a minor role in narratives about his brother, as he disappeared from the public eye shortly after Jeffrey’s arrest in 1991. Nevertheless, the film Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story sheds some light on David’s life before his brother’s crimes revolutionized their family’s life.

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Where Is David Dahmer’s Now?

Growing up in the shadow of his notorious brother, Jeffrey Dahmer, David Dahmer had to endure an abnormal childhood. When Jeffrey has convicted of his heinous crimes in 1991, David was 18 years old. To establish an identity of his own and sever any attachment to his brother’s scandalous past, David changed his name legally. At 55 years old, David is reportedly still alive, although no public records of his new identity exist.

All that has known about his current life is that he has a successful career, a wife, and two children. His father and stepmother have reported that David is content and living a satisfactory life. Since 2004, when Lionel Dahmer revealed details about his son in an interview with Larry King, no updates have emerged about the man who chose to escape the public eye and start anew. Unfortunately, the public spectacle of Jeffrey Dahmer’s killings made David a victim of his brother’s crimes as well and denied him a normal life.

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