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Edikted – Want to Get Fast Fashion Analysis for it?

Edikted is an online retailer that caters to Gen Z shoppers. It is creating fashion trends that has inspired by the emerging Instagram and TikTok trends. The company keeps up with the times by releasing new collections and styles every week, but is Edikted fast fashion?

As nine out of ten Gen Zers believe that brands should responsible for environmental and social issues. We must examine whether brands are really ethical and striving for a sustainable supply chain. Or whether they are part of the greenwashing club and deceiving their customers. Let’s find out.

Is Edikted Fast Fashion?

When it comes to fast fashion, it certainly fits the bill. Fast fashion is a term used to describe clothing that has produced to quickly follow current trends. Usually with low-quality material and a low price tag. When researching Edikted, we found tops available for less than $6. A sure indication of its place in the fast fashion industry.

The brand also hosts regular ‘flash sales’. It encourages customers to purchase more clothing and fuels the clothing consumption problem, we’re currently experiencing. This is an issue that has talked about a lot in the fashion industry recently. And it’s important to aware of how your clothes are being produced. Make sure you do some research before buying so that you can sure that you’re making a responsible and ethical purchase.

Edikted has a unique approach to fast fashion. Rather than stocking a huge inventory as other brands do. It follows a ‘try and repeat model’. This involves launching styles and then scaling the production based on customer demand. Despite this, the brand has still categorized as fast fashion. Its mission is to bridge the gap between fast and slow fashion. It is happening by enabling high-quality production with a short turnaround time.

Where do your clothes come from?

Well, it doesn’t provide much information about its production process. And this may leave some customers feeling unsure of what to believe when it comes to their claims of ethical working. Unfortunately, it does not share transparent information about where its clothes are made. As well as what suppliers it works with. Or even whether it has the capability to trace the origin of the materials it uses.

When you purchase items from it, it’s important to remember that it’s not always clear where they come from and how they have made. As a consumer, it’s important to an informed buyer. And to research the brands you are buying from before making a purchase.

Are Edikted products vegan and cruelty-free?

Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t claim to either vegan or cruelty-free. So it can difficult to tell for sure. However, upon further investigation, we couldn’t find any leather, wool, or other animal fibers used by the brand. While this is a good sign, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is completely vegan. There may still animal-based substances in the clothing, such as vegan glues.

To sure that you’re wearing vegan and cruelty-free clothes. It’s best to opt for brands that explicitly state their commitment to animal welfare. That way, you’ll know that you’re making an ethical and compassionate choice.

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Are you agree that Is Edikted Ethical?

At Edikted, our mission is to provide ethical and sustainable fashion for our customers. We ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and garment workers within our supply chain, and we strive to provide fair wages and working conditions. We proudly state that no forced or child labor has used in the production of our garments.

However, the real question is – do we live up to our ethical claims? Unfortunately, we don’t have any evidence, such as certifications or audit scores, to back our claims. We don’t share whether our suppliers are regularly audited, nor the results of those audit scores. This leaves us unable to properly verify whether our ethical principles are actually being upheld.

We believe transparency is key – that’s why we have committed to giving our customers a clear understanding of our ethical practices. We are continuously looking for ways to provide accurate and easily accessible information that can use to verify whether we have indeed lived up to our ethical principles.

Furthermore, Edikted has not disclosed other vital information regarding its health and safety standards. Such as its chemical usage, safety protocols, or waste disposal protocols. This is a major area of improvement that the brand should consider addressing. In order to ensure they have met all relevant safety requirements. And as well as they are providing a safe working environment for their employees and customers. Taking this step will benefit not only the brand but everyone who interacts with the company.

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