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Fidel Lopez Story: The Truth Behind Gruesome Murder Case

Police found Fidel Lopez weeping next to Maria Nemeth’s dead and shattered body in September 2015. After they responded to his panicked and distraught 911 call. The initial theory put forth by detectives was that they had discovered a botched abortion procedure. But they looked about the house and soon ruled that out.

The doors and walls were fully damaged. Furthermore, body tissue has been discovered in the wardrobe. Also, blood has splattered over the floor and walls, and the sliding glass door has broken. These signs all point to a conflict. However, Fidel Lopez was the primary suspect in the assassination that had occurred in the Sunrise condominium. Undoubtedly, it became clear very quickly. Well, if you are curious to know the facts, continue reading.

Fidel Lopez Background

Maria Nemeth the 31 years old individual in age. He had recently ended an 8-year marriage when she met Fidel Lopez. She is a 25 years old lady. However, they met in a club. At the time, Lopez still living with the parent of his kids. They got together and rented an apartment in Hollywood. And they began dating. Prior to transferring to Sunrise, Florida’s Colonnade was their house and residence. Just one week before the murders, they first resided with Lopez’s family. The apartment complex they relocated into has been managed by Maria. Thus, at the moment of the murder, Maria and Lopez had dated for almost a year.

The Crime/ Murder, Fidel Lopez

In the condo, they had just transferred in a week before. Whereas, Maria and Lopez were enjoying a few cocktails on September 20, 2015. A few tequila glasses later, the couple ended up in the closet. At this place, they had intercourse, according to court filings. Maria had mentioned her former husband twice during the sexual encounter, which enraged Lopez.

Lopez started breaking things. Whereas, he damaged the sliding glass door, hammered holes into the walls, and broke numerous other things. At this moment, Maria Nemeth (Wiki) had fallen into unconsciousness due to excessive drinking and was lying in the closet. Lopez rescued herself by using incongruous items. To hole her anus and vagina, use a cast iron pan and a beer bottle.

Lopez told the authorities that he had poked the elbow-length of his arm inside her vagina, causing her to bleed. Court documents claim that Lopez told police that he transformed into a monstrosity. He continued to abuse her body, ripping her anus and vaginal lining apart. Maria never lost consciousness, Lopez informed the cops. She was not awake when he carried her to the washroom to run water over her face.

Lopez stepped outside just to light up on the back verandah. He immediately began sweeping up in a frantic manner and used objects to cover up the bleeding tissue.  He found Maria, who was still sitting in the restroom no longer gasping when he went to check on her. Lopez made a 911 call.

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Police Arrival at Crime Spot

On September 20, 2015, the time was around 3:39 a.m. when police called the residence. They witnessed Lopez hovering over Maria’s naked body. And she is crying, and screaming for help. When the police arrived, they found a lot of blood on the floor and extensive damage across the flat. What seemed like too many lumps of bloody tissue on the ground of the wardrobe. And the lead officer added. Maria has declared dead at 4:02 a.m. after rescue personnel searched for any signs of life but were unable to detect any.

Detectives and police head took steps to protect the area and spoke with nearby residents who reported hearing a male screaming and loud hammering for around two hours. Lopez was brought in to ask questions.

The Lopez Arrest

When Lopez was first brought in for questioning, he gave the lie that her fiancée Maria was ill. He asserted that Nemeth had exercise-induced asthma when he called 911 after the two had binge-drunk alcohol and had sex.

When the police showed up at the location of the crime, they thought it was an error made during a failed abortion treatment. When they found Maria Nemeth’s body in the restroom, Lopez has seated next to her and sobbing.

Fidel Lopez has been looked at by the police. He has finally confessed to having yanked Nemeth’s guts out in a fit of jealousy. He also acknowledged that he had abandoned Nemeth’s plan in a jealous rage. Thus the police arrested the criminal.

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