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Forest Whitaker’s Brother Kenn Whitaker Bio, Movies, Net Worth

Actors Kenn Whitaker and Forest Whitaker both have a lot of talent. Both of them have received several honors and have been featured in a number of popular movies. While Kenn has done roles in movies like Ray and Django Unchained, Forest. However, these are best recognized for his appearances in The Last King of Scotland and The Butler. They both have great talent.

And they are both brothers who have amazing talent and acting skills. As well as on and off the screen, the brothers’ relationship is obvious. They have collaborated on a number of projects, including Straight Outta Compton. Find out all that you can about his private life affairs. Such as if he is married and has children or is just a totally forgotten star.

Kenn Whitaker Biography

Forest Stephen Junior and Laura Francis are the parents of Kenn. However, they welcomed Kenya sticker into the world on June 8, 1963. His parents had to shift to a new home in Carson when he was younger. He had the opportunity to attend primary and secondary school. Whereas he completed his schooling and chose to enroll in college. He performs as an American actor in films.

The classic Hollywood actor received worldwide acclaim for his performance in the 1997 film Most Wanted. As the prominent brother of Forest Whitaker, Kenn is well-known. Even though he has stopped performing, his lovers and followers still respect and appreciate him.

Has Kenn Whitaker Married or has Any Relationship?

Considering what has said about his most private life, it is obvious saying that Kenn’s marital status isn’t a topic of conversation in any current or forthcoming publications. Additionally, also Forest, his brother has been able to conceal his family’s private matters.

Although the Last King of Scotland actor has done separation from his wife. However, his wife Keisha Whitaker is also an actress. The media hasn’t covered Kenn as thoroughly in-depth as of late (his wife or girlfriend or even his family).

Siblings of Kenn Whitaker

Kenn Whitaker has two siblings and they are his brothers. With Forest becoming the more well-known and older brother. Damon Whitaker becomes the next person. Additionally, Deborah is the older sister of the three boys. However, Haphazard, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Champagne Game, and The Lazarus Papers are just a few of the movies that Damon is well famous for them.

Ken Whitaker Films and Television Debut

He first appeared as an actor in the 1997 movie Extremely Desired, as was previously noted. Whitaker played Bus Guard 2 in the movie with Voight and Wayans. The following year his brother received the Oscar with great success. And Kenn Whitaker IMDb made a guest appearance as a secondary cigarette man in an episode of Tracey Takes on HBO.

The following year, he appeared in the governmental parody black comedy Bulworth directed by Warren Beatty as Henchman No. 1. Along with three Golden Globe nominations. The movie was nominated for an Oscar for Best Adapted film.

However, he has given the opportunity to make an appearance again during the 1999 season of Fox’s Party of Five. For something like the episode, Anything Happens, Kenn portrayed the part of a correctional Facility Guard in the series that starred Scott Wolf and Neve Campbell as the characters. Prior to actually 1999 came to conclusion, Forest’s brother would receive still another performance record in Ted Demme’s lighthearted romp Life. Featuring actors like Murphy, Lawrence, Bernie Mac, and Bookeen Woodbine, Kenn plays Isaac in the movie.

Approximately after two years, Forest’s brother played the role of Otis in Gabriel Bologna’s independent mystery Theory of The Social Elite. In the film Final Days, which was launched in the same year as Theory of the Leisure Class, Kenn played his final role.

Kenn Whitaker Net Worth

Kenn has an estimated net worth of around $1 million. Although he makes money from other avenues as well. But acting is his main source of earnings. One of the highest-earning jobs in the world is making movies. He has accrued considerable wealth as a result of his film roles. Kenn is a model citizen and an encouragement for everyone’s professional life.

Forrest Whitaker, who is his brother. He has an around net worth of $30 million. Similarly, Forest and Kenn’s younger brother is Deborah Whitaker. However, he is an American film filmmaker and producer best known for having created and co-directed Climatic in 2016.


Despite beginning at the bottom, Kenneth (Kenn) Whitaker was able to accomplish great and have a great impact on many others. Between the three brothers, his brother Forest Whitaker has achieved competitively more success in his career. But Kenn hasn’t let his brother’s success stop him from succeeding in the media business as well.

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