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Getrefunds com Reviews: The Legitimacy of Innovation Refunds

In today’s digital age, online platforms offering various services have become increasingly popular. One such platform is Getrefunds.com, also known as Innovation Refunds. This article explores the legitimacy and trustworthiness of Getrefunds.com, shedding light on its establishment, customer reviews, and ownership details.

Getrefunds: A Long-Standing Presence

With the rapid growth of the internet, many websites come and go. However, Getrefunds.com stands out due to its long-standing presence in the online domain. Established on September 28, 1999, in the United States, this website has been serving customers for nearly 23 years. Its ability to adapt and stay relevant in the ever-evolving digital landscape is a testament to its credibility and reliability.

The Transition to Innovationrefunds.com

Upon accessing Getrefunds.com, users are redirected to Innovationrefunds.com. This seamless transition ensures that users are navigating the correct platform. The redirection indicates that Innovation Refunds operates under the Getrefunds brand, reinforcing the connection between the two entities. Such clarity in branding and website redirection builds trust among users, as they can confidently interact with Innovationrefunds.com, knowing it is the intended destination.

Positive Customer Reviews on Trustpilot

Customer feedback is a crucial factor in determining the legitimacy and trustworthiness of any online platform. Innovationrefunds.com excels in this aspect, boasting an impressive 5-star rating on TrustPilot, a renowned review platform. With 81 customer reviews, the overwhelmingly positive feedback highlights the satisfaction and positive experiences of those who have utilized the services offered by Innovation Refunds. These reviews contribute to the platform’s credibility and provide reassurance to potential users.

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Getrefunds An Active and Legitimate Business

The recent update of Getrefunds.com on March 7, 2022, indicates the platform’s ongoing activity and commitment to serving its customers. The fact that the website is regularly maintained and updated demonstrates its legitimacy. Getrefunds.com and Innovationrefunds.com continue to operate as active entities, ensuring users that their services are current and reliable. Users can confidently engage with these platforms, knowing that their needs will addressed by a trustworthy and committed business.

Getrefunds Ownership Transparency

Knowing the owner of a website adds an additional layer of transparency and accountability. Howard Makler is the owner of both Getrefunds.com and Innovationrefunds.com. The disclosure of ownership details allows users to have a clearer understanding of the individuals responsible for the platforms. This information is essential for users who may need to seek further clarification or support.


Innovation Refunds, operating through Getrefunds.com, emerges as a legitimate and trustworthy platform, offering services in a specific domain. Its long-standing presence, redirection to Innovationrefunds.com, positive customer reviews on Trustpilot, active business status, and ownership transparency all contribute to its credibility. Users can confidently consider utilizing the services provided by Innovation Refunds, knowing that they are engaging with a reputable platform.


While this article highlights the positive aspects of Getrefunds.com and Innovationrefunds.com, it is important for users to conduct their own research and exercise caution when engaging with any online platform or service. It is always recommended to verify information and make informed decisions based on personal judgment.

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