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Hazel Krasinski: Amazing Facts About John Krasinski Daughter

Do you know who is John Krasinski and Emily Blunt? If yes, then you must follow them and you will also know that they have a cute girl. So, if you are curious to know about their baby girl Hazel Krasinski, continue reading this post. You will definitely get amazing facts to know.

Who is Hazel Krasinski?

Hazel Kaminski is a celebrity child. Both parents have an association with the showbiz industry. They both are famous actors. Whereas, Hazel is their mutual first kid. And her birth date is February 16, 2014. On the other hand, her birth place is California, USA. Her father’s name is John Krasinski. Whereas, her mother’s name is Emily Blunt. In terms of the zodiac, she is an Aquarius. She is eight years old kid by age.

The Parents Announced the Birth of Hazel via Twitter

After realizing they would be becoming parents for the first time, John and Emily were excited. The couple announced that they were expecting their first child in September 2013.

After that in Feb of 2014, actor John disclosed that he and his spouse had a daughter. He also revealed the name of their young daughter through his tweet.  That their daughter’s name is Hazel Grace. 

Hazel Krasinski Celebrity Parents and Bio Details

She was born in America and she has a super luxury lifestyle. Hazel Krasinski is growing up in the state of America, New York. She is of White Caucasian ancestry and has American nationality. As previously noted, Hazel is quite famous since she comes from a prominent family. When she was just three months old, her father posted a picture of her on his Twitter account. On the other hand, she has a younger sister and her name is Violet. Whereas, her sister’s birth year is 2016. And she is two years younger than Hazel.  Her aunt Felicity Blunt gave birth to Matteo Oliver Tucci, an actor who is her cousin.

Hazel Life, Appearance, and Hobbies

Hazel Krasinski is too young. As she is now only eight years old in age. So, this is not the age of any relationship. Hazel adores playing with her younger sister and has naturally long blonde hair and as well as her eyes are blue in color. Her parents first connected in a restaurant through a common friend and they began dating in November 2008. After almost a year of relationship, they both get engaged in August 2009. On the other hand, one after one year of engagement they get married. Their wedding ceremony had held on July 10, 2010, in Como, Italy. 

Hazel Krasinski Education

Regarding Hazel’s education, the 8-year-old and her sister went to a physical school at the COVIS-19 in London. Both of Emily’s daughters attended real schools when she made a visit on Jimmy Kimmel Live in late 2021, and the girls also excelled at British accents.

Hazel Krasinski is deaf, right?

The public is curious to know if John Krasinski’s daughter Hazel Krasinski is deaf. Although, she is entirely healthy in every way. Her mother is an American actress, once she has played the role of Millicent Simmonds, and this character was of a girl who is deaf, portrayed the character of Hazel in the film A Quiet Place. So, that is the suspicions that Hazel was deaf began to spread in the media.

According to stories, Millicent’s unintentional drug overdose caused her to lose her hearing permanently when she was just a few months old.

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Hazel’s Relationship with her Parents

Hazel Krasinski Relationship with her Parents

Hazel and her mom are close. She is being raised by her famous parents and leading a life befitting a princess. She frequently takes holidays with her parents, and younger sisters, and in a variety of locations.

Hazel’s parents prefer to keep her private because she is a celebrity. While she continues to provide updates to the media, her father hardly ever posts her photos on social media. John shared a photo of his daughter in May 2014 and wrote, “Pictures of kids should only come directly from parents.” Since then, she has stopped routinely sharing her images on social media.

Hazel Krasinski Net Worth

Hazel is not yet actively engaged in any career. She is currently under her parents’ protection. She and her famous parents have a lavish lifestyle. According to an estimate her parents have approximately $80 million net worth collectively.

Where does Hazel Krasinski Live In?

The famous child currently lives in London with her parents and sibling. According to investigations, Hazel moved to the UK in August 2020 and stayed there ever since. She had previously resided with her parents. And that house where they were living was about $15.3 million in Brooklyn, New York. The house there is still owned by the couple.

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