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Want To Know Interesting Facts About Veronica Gutierrez Devin Booker Mother?

Veronica Gutierrez is a professional lady. Her work experience includes cosmetology.

Furthermore, she has successfully carried out both occupations. It means that she is very famous because of her balancing parenthood and career. Many times she has admired her role as a mother and her profession.

Ultimately, she has mothering skills. Because she knows how to carry out a responsible and obligate child. Also, she is a powerful mix with the ability to develop, support, and encourage.

Do you want to learn more about this strong mother? Is your answer yes? Therefore, we are going to discuss the interesting details about this lovely lady. So, the details are the following.

Who is Veronica Gutierrez?

Who is Veronica Gutierrez?
Veronica Gutierrez

Veronica Gutierrez is a famous celebrity mom. She has best known for being the supportive and caring mother of Devin Booker. By profession, Davin Booker is an American basketball player. He is now a member of the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

No doubt, she is a stunning woman. Whereas, she was born in Puerto Rico. Although, we don’t know her actual date of birth. She was a dual citizen of Mexico and the United States. 

Veronica Gutierrez Early Life

She was born in Puerto Rico, United States of America. This lady has a good height of 5ft. 3inches. We do not know her accurate birth date. Therefore, Veronica Gutierrez age is not confirmed. According to an estimate, she looks 40 plus in her age. In addition, she is of American-Mexican ancestry.

However, she has not discussed a lot about her parents, schooling, and whereabouts. On the other hand, Veronica has kept a low profile when it comes to her origins and other personal data.

Veronica’s Nationality

As she was born in the USA. On the other hand, her father was born in Los Nogales, Mexico. This is a city close to Texas. Therefore, she has Mexican nationality. However, Gutierrez belongs to the Hispanic ethnicity.

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Veronica’s Dated Melvin Booker

Veronica's Dated Melvin Booker

Veronica’s only reported relationship was with Melvin Booker. He was a basketball player. Melvin is also the father of Devin. If you do not know that Veronica and Melvin were in a relationship for a long time. But, they do not married with each other.

According to sources, Melvin’s demanding career and continual travel was the reason they never married. Unfortunately, their romance ended.

Despite their divorce, the former couple was generally wonderful parents to Devin. They actually co-parented their child and are still friends.

Veronica Gutierrez Career

As previously stated, she is a cosmologist by profession. Also, she has equally fulfilled her role as a mother. As a result, she excels in both professions, pursuing a career and raising a family.

She now works as a cosmologist. She provides treatments to enhance beauty. such as facials, nail painting, and makeup to her clients.

Veronica Gutierrez Net Worth

Veronica enjoys all the luxuries as a cosmetologist and the mother of a successful NBA player. Furthermore, we do not have too much information about her earnings.

According to some estimates, her consistent work as a cosmetologist has earned her a net worth of around $2 million.

On the other hand, his son David Booker is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. Whereas, he has a net worth of almost $50 million.

Social Media

No doubt, she is the mother of a famous celebrity. As well, she is also, very famous. But is not available on any social media platform. For instance, Instagram, TikTok, twitter, etc.

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