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Michelle Ghent: Everything about Terrence Howard’s Ex-Wife

The former spouse of Empire star Terrence Howard s Michelle Ghent. She is famous for her role as Lucius Lyon on FOX. The pair was dating from the mid-2000s until the early 2010s. Now she is Howard’s second wife.

The connection between Michelle and Howard was highly dramatic, with both people speaking a great regarding the other in order to get public attention. Decades previously, they made attention to their allegedly rocky marriage. Take a closer look to examine how the couple developed into newsworthy subjects for tabloids in 2011. Discover everything about Michelle Ghent’s life, including her birthday, work, marriage, and much more.

Michelle Ghent Bio

Some sources claim that Ghent has birthed around the year 1977. Thus according to this Michelle is around 45 years in her age. She has lived a mostly secret life. Because she prefers to keep her life private. She didn’t even start to attract attention until she ran into her ex-husband.

She allegedly met Terrence Howard (IMDb), the man who would become her husband, while serving as a production assistant. However, aside from the aforementioned facts, there isn’t much to say about Ghent. Especially when it pertains to her life prior to the late 2000s. In light of this, the information on her upbringing, her parents, and her race is almost equivalent to a puzzling riddle.

Family and Education of Michelle Ghent

Michelle has birthed in 1977. Whereas, she has raised in Los Angeles, California. She comes from an Asian background and belongs to mixed ethnic origins. Furthermore, she has kept her family and educational background a secret because she’s such a reserved individual. Several reports claim that she is a graduate of a respected university.

Michelle Ghent Relationship, Marriage, and Divorce

Ghent has a relationship with Terrence Howard. However, their relationship turns into a long partnership in form of marriage. Whereas, their relationship runs from 2008 through 2010.  In 2010, the pair decided to be married to strengthen their relationship and commitment to one another. Unfortunately, their arguments quickly caused their relationship to become tense. Even though Michelle and Howard had a terrible separation, their marriage wasn’t all that bad. There are three kids altogether for Terrence and Michelle. Hunter Howard is the name of the male, and Aubrey and Heaven are the names of the girls.

Terrence Howard and Michelle’s Wedding was Kept Confidential

In Los Angeles in January 2010, Howard and Ghent exchanged vows. Their union came as a bit of a surprise.

When he was attending Cannes in May 2010, Howard told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he had married Ghent. To return here and with my bride, it’s the nicest feeling in the entire world. The Iron Man actor remarked at the time.

Michelle Ghent Was an Employee of Her Ex-Business Husband’s

Michelle used it to work for Jefferies Technologies in Los Angeles in the late 1990s. Afterward when the previous Ms. Howard worked as a performance supervisor for the West Los Angeles-based commercial development business MJZ. She then worked for Go Film as a development coordinator.

Michelle was hired by Eric Boucher in 2005 to work as an executive producer manager. She was also hired by World Hero, LLC during the same year. Before taking on the role of business manager at Shells to Gold Couture, she would spend three years working for Global Hero and Eric. Ghent served as the management supervisor for Talent for Howard’s Al Chemical Productions Inc. when they were still dating. She collaborative spaces an internet store called Fallyne Collection, according to some accounts.

Terrence and Michelle Ghent’s Life after Divorce 

Following the judge’s finalization of Howard and Ghent’s divorce. later, he decided to get married to entrepreneur and supermodel Miranda Pak. Prior to actually separating in 2015, the couple has married for two years. They had one son earlier. Nevertheless, they made amends and delivered a new son in 2016. They renewed their engagement in December 2018 after two years.

Terrence has married Lori McCommas for many years prior to actually Miranda or even Ghent. And they had 3 kids together. Their names are Aubrey, Heaven, and Hunter. However, there isn’t even the faintest remark that might have clarified Michelle’s close interpersonal situation.

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