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Ready To Know All About Abbey Romeo From “Love On The Spectrum”?

Do you want to know about “The Love On The Spectrum U.S”, famed star Abbey Romeo? No doubt she is an amazing actress. Her fans really want to know more about her. Abbey Romeo and David, two American celebrities, have an instant connection. Therefore, we are going to discuss her bio, career, net worth, and relationship. Also, her fans are curious if the two lovebirds are still together.

So, all the interesting information about Abbey is following.

Who is Abbey Romeo?

Who is Abbey Romeo?

Abbey Romeo is a TikTok celebrity and has a television presence. She is running her own hat company. No doubt, she got fame due to her presence on Netflix’s “Love On The Spectrum U.S”. She has been in the spotlight since her entrance into the Netflix show. She lives in America. However, she has a height of 5 ft. 5 inches.

Abbey Romeo Early Life

Abbey Romeo was born on May 17, 1998. Whereas, Her age is 24-year-old. She holds an American Nationality. She is famous as a television personality. Abbey Romeo Lutes is her true name. She was born in Los Angeles, California. She has diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 years. However, we do not have too much information about her personal life.

Abbey Romeo Family


Abbey Romeo mother’s name is Christine Romeo. She has two sisters. One is Casey Kelley and the second is Mary. However, Casey Kelley is an entrepreneur and activist located in Los Angeles. On the other hand, Mary Romeo, her other sister, is also a businesswoman. Abbey has diagnosed with autism at a very younger age. Therefore, she has always worked harder than the other youngsters to fit in with them.

Abbey Romeo’s Journey in ‘Love On The Spectrum’

From the first episode of “Love on the Spectrum U.S.” Abbey has a huge fan following. They have been introduced to Abbey. The show follows a group of autistic people as they face the unexpected world of romance in order to provide an accurate and informative look that what they are really dating. Abbey was hooked up with David in the show.

They have explored their friendship and similar hobbies. Also, they have defined many other things on the show throughout the episodes. In the end, they decided whether or not to date. Abbey and David have clearly impressed each other. However, they both love animals. On the occasion of Christmas, David had invited to a dinner. And they celebrated it very excitedly like a family.

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Is Abbey Romeo and David Still Together?

Is Abbey Romeo and David Still Together?

Abbey confirmed the couple’s relationship with a personal video on Instagram. Abbey and David are both having dinner at the same place.

The commentary on the video says, “Thank you, everyone, for the amazing support and love Abbey, got for Love on the Spectrum”. David was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They both owe LOTS thanks for bringing them together”.

Abbey Romeo Career

Abbey Romeo Career

Firstly, without any doubt, she is an amazing actress. She has appeared in a Netflix Series “Love On The Spectrum U.S.”. And this TV show is the reason for her popularity.

Despite acting, she is running her own hat business. Her official Instagram handle is @hatsbyabbey. And the official website is madebyabbey.com. Whereas, she runs her business. She sells a range of hats. For instance, fashion hats, sparkly hats, custom hats, and warm hats.

Abbey Romeo Net worth

According to the resources, she has a net worth of less than $150 thousand as of May 2022. Before her Netflix debut, she was a TikTok sensation. Also, she is the owner of a company. Whose has a name “Merch Shop”. These hats feature the logo of Ariel, her favorite character in The Little Mermaid.

Abbey Romeo’s Instagram

Abbey Romeo is active on Instagram and has 31.7K Instagram followers. She is available under the handle @hatsbyabbey.

Abbey Love On The Spectrum TikTok

Also, she’s available on TikTok. However, she has 568.5K followers. Whereas, she regularly posts lip-sync and dancing videos.

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