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Sakura Stand Trello Link & Wiki – A Pro Game Roblox

We offer a selection of working scripts that you can utilize on Sakura Stand Trello Roblox as well as data like award lists that you can obtain through gameplay and retail items’ costs. Developer Sakura Pro Max designed the Roblox Sakura Stand Linkedin company, which was originally made available on January 14, 2022. However, you can gain an extra advantage by using the codes in our list to get things from Sakura Stand for free!

How do Trade in Sakura Stand Trello?

Here if any player wants to trade anything they have to follow a simple procedure. That is trader1 has to send a request to trader2 with whom he wants to trade. If trader2 is also interested in trading, he will accept the request for trading.

Sakura Stand Trello Items

Here is the list of Sakura stand Trello items that are really useful throughout the journey.

1# Arrow Stand

  • It is a perplexing arrow. What makes it exceptional, I wonder?
  • Actually bought it for $100 through Box or Auddy’s Store.
  • You can receive a chance to stand when you use the standing arrow.

2# Fruit Rokakaka

  • You get the impression that consuming anything will deprive you of something.
  • Purchased for $75 from Box or Auddy’s Shop.
  • Consume the Rokakaka Fruit to restore your previous position or capacity.

3# Stop Sign

  • Wow! The stop sign! I really wonder if I can use this as a tool or weapon. I wonder.
  • Purchased for $750 from Box or Auddy’s Shop.
  • You receive a Stop Sign Spec if you use the stop sign.

4# Mysterious Camera

A strange camera? What exactly is it that is so enigmatic? Also called a camera.


  • However, it is purchasable for $1500 from Box or Auddy’s Shop.
  • 1 It is possible to purchase seasonal stands that are related to the recent ongoing game season.
  • Good to utilize a camera to photograph midsummer even during the summer season.
  • Use a camera to record stormy times during the summer season (just for this 5M event), spring, and autumn seasons.
  • To get Winter Time 2, utilize the Camera even during the winter period. It can also use to get The World (postponed).

5# Store Mask

  • Blood must be shed in order to achieve authority above human comprehension.
  • Purchased for $1,000 from Box or at Auddy’s Shop.
  • You can become a vampire by putting on a vampire mask or accessories.

6# Hamon Guide

  • YOOO!!! I could become an active user of Hamon BY Following Something like this.
  • Whereas, it is buyable approximately at $1250 from Box or at Auddy’s Shop.
  • You can obtain a Hamon Spec by referring to the Hamon Manual.

7# Manual Spin

  • It is actually bought for $1250 from Box or at Auddy’s Shop.
  • You’ll receive a Spin Spec if you use the Spin Manuals.

8# Ghost Sword

  • I can sense enigmatic energy emanating from this blade.
  • Acquired during Hika’s adventure
  • You can get Anubis Stand by employing the Haunted Sword.

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Sakura Stands for Active Codes List for Roblox

The active codes we discovered on the Roblox Sakura Stand have listed below. However, if any user has shown interest to utilize them, they have to copy them and use them exactly.

The first and only people who can produce new codes or disable existing codes are Sakura Pro Max. This accessibility is just available for the developers or the right authority the owner of the game. Remember that SteamLists.com is unable to generate new codes. We only provide advice that is useful! We’re doing everything we can to keep this list up to date, and we’ll include any new codes as soon as they’re added to the game!

Remember to add us to save this page so that you can utilize the information among the first users to use the new Roblox Sakura Stand coupons before they run out!

However, the developers have not issued any codes or coupons for Roblox Sakura Stand.

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