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Shanice Aviles: The Woman Who Broke Into Robert De Niro’s House

On December 19, 2021, Shanice Aviles made headlines when she was caught breaking into Robert De Niro’s $69,000-per-month rented rowhouse. The incident took place while De Niro. And his daughter was sleeping upstairs, and Aviles has arrested in the living room. In this blog, we will delve deeper into the incident and Aviles’ subsequent arrest. As well as her criminal past and her desire to apologize to the Oscar winner.

The Break-In

On the night of December 19, Aviles broke into De Niro’s house while he and his daughter were sleeping upstairs. De Niro woke up to the commotion and went down to the living room. Whereas he found Aviles being arrested. According to Aviles, the arrest felt like a setup. And she claims she did not take any of De Niro’s belongings.

The break-in was a daring and foolish move, given that the house was occupied, and De Niro is a prominent figure. Aviles could have put herself and others in danger, and the fact that she did not take anything from the house does not excuse her actions. She still broke into someone’s home without permission and should face the consequences of her actions.

Shanice Aviles’ Criminal Past

Shanice Aviles' Criminal Past

Shanice Aviles has a long criminal record, which she shares with Robert De Niro. While De Niro’s IMDb page boasts a long list of successful films. Shanice Aviles’ This raises questions about Aviles’ motives for breaking into De Niro’s house. And whether she had any intention of stealing from him.

Aviles’ criminal past suggests that she has a history of making poor decisions and engaging in criminal activity. It is not clear whether she has targeted De Niro specifically or whether the break-in was a random act. Regardless, her criminal history makes it difficult to take her claims of innocence seriously. And it is likely that the authorities will view her with suspicion.

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Shanice Aviles ‘ Apology

In an interview with the New York Post from Riker’s Island. Shanice Aviles has expressed her love for De Niro’s movies. And her desire to apologize to him for breaking into his house. Aviles also reiterated that she did not take anything from De Niro’s house and that her arrest felt like a setup. It remains unclear whether De Niro has responded to Aviles’ apology or if he plans to press charges against her.

Aviles’ apology is a step in the right direction, and it shows that she recognizes the severity of her actions. However, it is unclear whether her apology is genuine or whether she is simply trying to avoid prosecution. Aviles’ claims of innocence are also difficult to believe given her criminal record. And the fact that she was caught breaking into De Niro’s house. Ultimately, it is up to the authorities to determine whether Aviles’ apology is enough to warrant leniency.


The incident involving Shanice Aviles breaking into Robert De Niro’s house has shed light on the criminal past of both individuals. Aviles’ desire to apologize to De Niro shows remorse for her actions. But the question remains whether her apology is genuine or simply an attempt to avoid prosecution. However, only time will tell what the outcome of this incident will be. But for now, it serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of criminal activity and the consequences that come with it.

In conclusion, breaking into someone’s house is a serious crime that has not been taken lightly. Aviles’ actions put herself and others in danger. And her criminal past makes it difficult to believe that she was not intending to steal from De Niro.

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