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CSGO: Top 5 Smoke Spots in Dust 2 Map

Smoke spots dust 2- Dust 2 is a classic map in CS: GO, and it’s an essential part of any CSGO player’s skill set. Mastering all the best angles and spots for your smoke grenade throws can give you an edge in the game, and that’s why we’ve put together this guide. Smoke grenades are an extremely useful piece of equipment in Counter-Strike, and they have used to your advantage in a variety of situations.

You can block vital lines of sight and create angles to outwit your opponents or use them to push certain areas. Whether you’re just starting out with CS: GO or you’re a veteran player, knowing the main smoke spots on Dust 2 can give you a huge advantage. We’ll also provide a separate guide for grenade spots on Dust 2, so you’ll have all the information you need to come out on top.

What are Smoke Spots in Dust 2 Map?

Smoke grenades are one of the most useful and versatile pieces of equipment you can find in CSGO. They have been found in various places and smoke in the Dust 2 map, CSGO Callouts Dust 2, and have been used to block enemy sight lines and help you move around the map unseen. The number of times a smoke grenade will bounce on the ground before detonating depends on the angle and type of throw you make.

Smoke grenades have used to deactivate incendiary grenades and Molotov cocktails, acting as fire extinguishers. It can help you and your teammates avoid taking damage from fire. You can purchase smoke grenades with 300 credits during the Buy Period. And with a well-placed smoke grenade, you can prevent site entry and increase your defense.

Thanks to a recent update, smoke grenades have dropped and picked up by any player that comes in contact with them. So make sure to use smoke grenades whenever possible to increase your chances of success in CSGO.

Top 5 Smoke Spots in Dust 2

Welcome to our guide on the best smoke spots in the newly revamped version of Dust 2! This guide is applicable to both 64 and 128-tick servers. And will provide you with the knowledge to block angles with perfect smokes on Dust 2. Some of the smokes require a jump-throw. Whereas, you hold down your left mouse button to take out the pin from the smoke. Also, jump and release the smoke at the top of your jump. Additionally, a running throw is also needed in certain spots, which you can perform by readying your smoke. And as well as taking a few steps forward before releasing it. For those special smokes, you may even need to combine the two and do a running jump throw.

Now that you know the basics of smoke throws on Dust 2, let’s jump right into our picks for the best smoke spots in Dust 2 post-Operation Riptide!

1. Xbox from T Spawn

Looking to give your team an edge on Dust 2? Look no further than the Xbox smoke spot throw from T Spawn. Smoking the Xbox found near Mid Doors will give you and your team the opportunity to safely cross the Catwalk towards A Short. This crossing is especially important for pushing A Short, as it is often watched closely by CTs from CT Mid. An effective smoke here can give you the upper hand and help you secure the round.

2. A Default Short of Smoke

Upcoming, the conventional smoke throws on A Short angle on Dust 2. This should your go-to smoke when you need to progress to A Short. It will function similarly to the ‘A Short from Mid’ smoke spot which has mentioned before.

3. Smoke Spot Short from the Mid

The following smoke spot on Dust 2 blocks off the A short angle, which is where the Terrorists are typically pushing from. By throwing this smoke, the line of sight of any Counter-Terrorists situated at A Site has blocked. It has forced them to move to an alternative position. This presents an opportunity for the Terrorists to take control of the area.

4. Smoke Short One Way

Another comparable smoke throw has been performed from the A Short area on Dust 2. In any case, this smoke has the upside of permitting you to see through it to anybody close to A Cross or A Car. To do as such, you should get near the edge of the divider on your right. As demonstrated in the photograph above.

5. The Perfect Dust 2 Smoke Spot at a Long Corner

If you’re looking to make a push on A Long, a great smoke spot to help you along the way is the A Long corner. By throwing smoke at this spot, you can successfully block the vision of any Counter-Terrorists (CTs) guarding the Long Doors. By giving you the opportunity to cross the doors without any hassle. Once you’ve crossed the doors, you can then work on taking out the CTs with ease. This smoke spot is a great way to give yourself an advantage on the Dust 2 map. And get to the A Long area quickly and efficiently.

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