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Tracey Hinds – The Mysterious Ex-Husband of Macy Gray

Tracey Hinds is a name that has often been associated with Macy Gray. However, she is a famous R&B and soul singer and actress. As her ex-husband, she is famous to have married Macy Gray (IMDb) for two years, from 1996 to 1998, and having had three children with her. However, despite has connected to such a popular figure in the American entertainment industry. Very little is famous about Tracey himself. In this blog, we will delve deeper into the mystery that is Tracey Hinds and explore what little information is available about him.

Who is Tracey Hinds?

Tracey Hinds is an African American man born somewhere in the United States. However, beyond this basic information, little is prominent about his background. This lack of information has led to Tracey becoming somewhat of a mysterious figure in the public eye.

Tracey Hinds’s Relationship with Macy Gray

One of the few things that is prominent about Tracey Hinds is his relationship with Macy Gray. The former couple have married for two years and had three children together before parting ways. Although the exact reason for their divorce is unavailable. It has believed to have an amicable split. Despite being no longer married, Tracey and Macy have reportedly maintained a good relationship for the sake of their children.

Tracey Hinds’ Career

Although little is famous about Tracey Hinds’ background and education, it has been reported that he is a mortgage broker. A mortgage broker is a professional who helps people find and apply for home loans. It is likely that Tracey had to go through some form of training or education. The purpose was to become a mortgage broker, but the details of this have unknown.

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The Mystery of Tracey Hinds

The Mystery of Tracey Hinds

One of the reasons why Tracey Hinds remains such a mysterious figure is the lack of information available about his personal life. Unlike other public figures, Tracey has managed to keep his personal life private, and very little has leaked to the media. This has led to speculation about why he might want to maintain such a level of privacy. Some believe that Tracey might have had a difficult childhood or past that he wants to keep hidden. Others suggest that he might simply value his privacy and prefer not to be in the public eye.

Tracey Hinds Divorce Reason

Tracey and Macy’s relationship was brief, and they rushed into marriage. This is an opinion to have contributed to their subsequent divorce. Initially, the couple was deeply in love and enjoyed a strong connection. However, their dynamic shifted after they became parents. And they had struggled to navigate the practical challenges that come with raising children. Although they managed to cope after having their first two children in the same year. Macy and Tracey hit a low point during her pregnancy with their third child, Happy. Unfortunately, this led to the dissolution of their marriage.

Following the split, Macy has forced to move in with her mother, which was not ideal for her or her children. However, the pain of the breakup has somewhat alleviated by the success of her first album, On How Life Is. The record has inspired by Macy’s marriage to Tracey and the challenges they faced. Ultimately serving as a cathartic release for the brilliant artist.

Tracey Hinds Net Worth

Although Tracey Hinds is not a widely popular celebrity, his financial status is impressive. As of 2022, Tracey Hinds’ net worth has estimated to be an astounding $1.1 million. This significant sum has been amassed primarily through his successful career in the mortgage industry, a field in which he has achieved notable success.

It is worth noting that while Tracey’s net worth may not be on par with that of some high-profile individuals, it is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and professional acumen. Moreover, it is a testament to the value that his contributions to the mortgage industry have brought to the field and to the individuals and communities that he has served.

Although Tracey’s ex-wife’s net worth is substantially higher, it is important to acknowledge that wealth is not the sole measure of success. Tracey’s accomplishments, both professional and personal, are a testament to his character, work ethic, and commitment to excellence, all of which are qualities that will undoubtedly continue to serve him well in the years to come.


Tracey Hinds is a mysterious figure who has often been associated with Macy Gray, but little is famous about him beyond this connection. While he is prominent to be a mortgage broker and the father of three children with Macy Gray. His background, childhood, education, and personal life have remained shrouded in mystery. Despite this, he has managed to maintain his privacy. And very little information has leaked to the media. The mystery of Tracey Hinds continues, and perhaps one day, more information about his life will come to light.

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