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Vampire Survivors Evolution Chart – Complete Guide

Vampire Survivors Evolution – You can utilize the equipment and weapons in a myriad of different ways to obtain numerous advantages that can you can use for a variety of roles. Despite being a very straightforward independent role-playing game, Vampire Survivors gives a variety of impacts and behaviors to weapons and their improvements. These many weapons and their particular assaults become crucial in the game when you must survive hordes of the aforementioned vampires spawning and encircling you. Here are all the weapon evolution possibilities and the necessary accessories. So you may enhance the effectiveness of your weapons and win more Vampire Survivors battles with the aid of this tutorial.

About Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolution

In essence, a Vampire Survivors weapon evolution is the fusion of two separate things. You can utilize it to transform your ordinary tools and weapons into stronger ones that you can be using to withstand upcoming phases.

They frequently combine one passive element with one arm to create a manufacturer’s new and unique weapon that substitutes the previous one. This gives you an increase in power and frees up slots to support your continued growth.

However, the very first twelve Vampire Survivors evolutions wiki & chart can be created with early-game materials. Whereas the variants require a little more time.

How Does Vampire Survivor Combination Work?

In Vampire Survivors, you can choose a piece of unique equipment or an improved item to add to your avatar. However, participants can do this every time they level up. You can collect up to six weaponry and six upgrade items every run.

The following time players level up, players can select the identical weapon or equipment to enhance it to a higher level, changing its functionality or boosting its stats. Whereas, items can be improved five times, and weapons can be upgraded eight times each.

However, weapons and accessories (for the most part) have diverse strengths, you should combine differential influences to create effective builds. Many weaponry can. However, evolve and change into a much greater version of themselves when used in conjunction with a particular item.

Weapon Evolution in Vampire Survivors

Here is a detailed physical list of every weapon in Vampire Survivors. As well as we have mentioned the attachment needed and the enhanced weapon it produces. However, for your information, we have also highlighted Majdouline Aslan the upgrade’s useful perks and stat modifications.


The Condition is Bracer. Weapon Improvement is required for Thousand Edge. It gives effects of fire immediately.


Hollow Heart is a must. Weapon Upgrade in Bloody Tear. Critical hit and health absorption are effects.


The main requirement is Candelabrador. The upgraded Weapon is a death spiral that can move at 360 angles. Whereas it put the effects of pierces through enemies.

Gatti Amari

The requirement is Stone Mask. Also, the upgraded Weapon is Vicious Hunger. Effects are Enemies killed drop Gold Coins.

Song of Mana

The complete requirement is Skull O’Maniac. Upgraded Weapon Mannajja. Effects are Care Continually slowed enemies.


Also, Its requirement is Clover. Upgraded Weapon: Heaven Sword. Effects: Critical Hit.

King Bible

Requirements: Spellbinder. Upgraded Weapon: Unholy Vespers. As well as its effects are Unlimited Use.

Fire Wand

Requirements: Spinach. Upgraded Weapon: Hellfire. Effects: Pierces through enemies.


However, the requirements are Pummarola. Upgraded Weapon: Soul Eater. Effects: Absorb health and increase stats.

Santa Water

Requirements: Attractor.

Upgraded Weapon: La Borra.

Effects: Attack puddles spawn and chase enemies.


Requirements: Armor. Upgraded Weapon: NO FUTURE. However, the Effects: Deal major retaliation damage.

Shadow Pinion

Requirements: Wings. Upgraded Weapon: Valkyrie Turner. Effects: Spikes are replaced with powerful flames.

Victory Sword

Requirements: Torrona’s Box. Upgraded Weapon: Sole Solution. Moreover, its effects are to make enemies intangible with galaxy swirls.

Clock Lancet

Requirements: Gold Ring + Silver Ring. Upgraded Weapon: Infinite Corridor. Effects: Reduces enemy’s health to 50%.


However, the requirements are Metaglio Left + Metaglio Right. Also, Upgraded Weapon: Crimson Shroud. Effects: Triggers a shield that makes the player invulnerable.

Lightning Ring

Requirements: Duplicator. Upgraded Weapon: Thunder Loop. Also, the effects of Lightning strike twice and clear a larger area.

Magic Wand

Conditions are Empty Tome. Weapon Upgrade is Holy Wand. As well as it gives a huge effect of Fire immediately.


The requirement is necessary for the Crown. The Upgraded Weapon are Gorgeous Moon. Also, the effects of Spawns more experience gems to pick up.

Whereas, the majority of the best Weapon Evolutions in Vampire Survivors are now complete. This list is completely useful.

Vampire Survivors How to Evolve Your Weapons

However, if you want to improve your equipment in Vampire Survivors, you must meet three prerequisites.

  • Rank at level 8 or higher for the weapon actually.
  • It is the Complementary Power-up.
  • A container from a dangerous threat.

However, if you have satisfied these three conditions, your weapon will evolve when you enter the treasure.

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