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Victoria Chlebowski: Everything about Michael Imperioli’s Wife

Victoria Chlebowski became famous when she married the famous American personality, Micheal Imperioli. He is well-known as an actor, musician, director, and writer and has performed in various roles and features. Although Victoria Chlebowski is not popular in the media, she is a successful Russian-American entrepreneur and producer.

Who is Victoria Chlebowski?

To know more about Victoria Chlebowski, keep reading. Due to privacy reasons, the exact date of birth is unknown, but it is known that she was born in 1966. This remarkable age makes this graceful lady 56 years old. Her birth took place in the soviet union era of Russia, and she belongs to a Jewish background. However, it is speculated that she has Ukrainian origin. Only a few details are public therefore, further information regarding her parents and background is unavailable.

Victoria Chlebowski Early Life

Reports say that when she was 16 years old, her family decided to migrate to America due to the sensitivity of the era in 1976. She and her family have dedicated Christians.

Victoria Chlebowski Education

She attended a private high school in California. Due to this, her age got known as 16 at that time. She studied in the School of visual arts, where she studied philosophy. After that, she got enrolled in Elite College.

Victoria Chlebowsk Career Life

As stated earlier, she is a businesswoman. Among her businesses, the most notable one is the collaboration of Sonya Chang named SVE New York. It is a design firm.

A bohemian bar situated in Chelsea is also owned by the couple. They have also partnered for Studio Dante, an off-broadway theatre where her husband, Micheal Imperioli, worked as an art director because of his background in film and tv.

Film Background

A unique fact that many people know is that she also has credit in Joy de v, a New York noir, dramatic thriller genre film written and directed by Nadia Szold, which was released in 2013.

She produced the hungry ghosts and circled drawers. She also worked with her husband in a documentary film. The film promoted the Tibetan Gyatso Scholars program, which allows many departments to study in the united states.

Love Life

In the 1990s, the couple had a fateful meeting for the first time in a bar. The name of that bar has yet to discover. After dating for around five months, the couple realized they had made for each other and opted for marriage. The wedding ceremony took place on 19th September 1996. Since then, the couple has been together for almost three decades.

Victoria Chlebowski Legacy of Marriage

Victoria Chlebowski Legacy of Marriage

The couple of Victoria Chlebowski and Micheal Imperioli is enjoying a happy married life which is evident by the fact that they have three children named Vadim, David, and Isabella. It is said that Isabella is not the biological child of the couple. It is believed that she is the daughter of the person to whom Victoria was married before Micheal Imperioli. But after their marriage, Michael Imperioli (IMDb) adopted Isabella as her daughter after fulfilling all the legal requirements.

Little tidbits are known about the children due to privacy concerns.

Victoria Chlebowski’s Net Worth

As mentioned before, she is a successful businesswoman; therefore, her estimated net worth is more than $100,000. She often sells and purchases different properties, but the details are kept private to avoid too much media attention.

Change of Faith

During her college days, she used to read Buddhist books and practice philosophy. Though she belonged to a Christian family, she and her husband converted to Buddhism. They used to visit various Buddhist events and monks and rarely missed any. They also follow the teachings of lamas religiously. The names of some monks they visited are Dalai Lama, Sogyal Rinpoche, Gelek Rinpoche, etc.

Her conversion to Buddhism has had a remarkable effect on her behavior. She suddenly became more tolerant and patient, which greatly inspired her family. She also says that she has attained greater and elevated peace of mind. The couple meditates early in the morning regularly as their ritual.

Physical Stats

The celebrity wife is 5.7 feet tall and weighs 65 kg (143 pounds). She has blue eyes and her hair are grayish-white. Her husband is 5.7 feet tall (1.73 m). She has kept her other body measurements away from the public.

Victoria Chlebowski’s Social Media Presence

Though her husband has a sizeable fan base due to his acting and filmmaking career, Victoria Chelbowski has no social media presence on the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Victoria Chlebowski, the mother of three is undoubtedly a charming and graceful personality despite her little presence in the media’s spotlight. She has maintained her individuality despite the fame and popularity of her husband.

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