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Where Is Latarian Milton Now — Is He Serving a Prison Sentence?

The now-adult Latarian Milton is notorious for having a juvenile offender. However, he was just 7 years old when in 2008 he stole his grandmother’s car and went on a property-damaging aggressive driving tirade in Palm Beach. And after becoming a widely reported juvenile offender. Since that day, he has also gone by the moniker Hood Rat Kid.

However, he hasn’t a concern about the incorrect reasons in years. Where was the Latarian Milton today, though? How does his life right now? In this post, we’ll talk about his work, education, interaction with his parents, and a lot more facets of his life.

Latarian Milton Age and Bio

Latarian, who has gained notoriety for his insane pranks in the past few years. However, he is currently around 22 years old in his age. He has birthed to mother Sheneequa. And his birth date is September 30, 2000. On the other hand, his birthplace is Palm Beach, Florida. Milton has delivered to an American citizen whose mother was just 16 at the time. Apparently, there are currently no additional details concerning his father.

His great-grandma Zikkita Stratford was responsible for caring for him for the majority of his formative years. At the age of 7, his life took a devastating turn when he did smoke and had already established a corrupt mentality.

Latarian Milton Education

Milton received his diploma in 2015. It is pretty fair to presume that he become a robber given the extensive history he has left us. Luckily, after he finished primary school, his circumstances for him marginally improved.

When it came to his graduation in 2015, the journalists once more interviewed him but this time with justification. In Riviera Beach, Florida he completed his elementary school education and received his diploma.

In an interview with the news media at the time, he disclosed his intentions to play football on a national scale. Besides that, he said that if pro football doesn’t work out. Thus, he will complete his education, enroll in an engineering program, and possibly join the US Navy.

Latarian Milton First Crime

At the age of 7, Latarian Milton destroyed a number of residences with a stolen car. As previously stated, Milton was already a fan of criminality at a seven-year-old age. He has been accused of stealing his grandmother’s automobile, driving throughout Palm Beach, and causing significant property damage.

According to the allegations, he and his mates got into his grandmother’s SUV and then hit relative motion automobiles next to a Walmart, two mailboxes, and lastly several parking spots in the Wholesale parking garage.

He admitted to being furious with his mother and wanting to hang out with his pal when questioned by authorities. Furthermore, he expressed little regret for what he had done, saying instead that doing evil things is pleasurable. Well, this ended up becoming one of the causes of his media craze.

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Latarian Milton’s Social Media Presence

Latarian utilizes social networking sites extensively. He seems to have a Facebook page and is also accessible on Twitter. Latarian has approximately 149 followers on Twitter and 123 Instagram users. He has more than 5,000 friends on Facebook. However, he is temporarily unavailable on the Facebook page.

Latarian Milton’s Net Worth

Latarian net worth has undisclosed as of 2021. However, he will most likely really plus have minus zero after assessing his current condition. He is supposedly valued at around $100, according to some of his online followers.

Where Is Latarian Milton Now?

People are curious to know where Milton is now. Supposedly Accused Of Attempted robbery. Although it appeared that Milton had finally matured into a clever person, little seems to have happened. He has once more been accused of a robbery attempt after a 2007 road rampage. The vehicle has used by the Lyft ride-hailing company in the West Palm Beach area.

According to the Lyft driver, he scooped up Milton along with a woman and four other guys. The males in the car requested him to bring them somewhere else after he left the woman off at a condominium. However, the driver declined the order because it was not submitted through the app.

One of the three to four men including Joseph had the driving person get out of the car by threatening him with a revolver. His overcoat, purse, and iPhone have taken, and Latarian then took the wheel and started the car.

Latarian has arrested as an adolescent in Palm Beach County before November on counts of carjacking. According to Palm Beach County police records. As of 2021, Latarian is likely completing a jail sentence.

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