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Who is Della Beatrice Howard Robinson, Ray Charles’ Ex-Wife?

Do you know who Della Beatrice Howard is? No! Let’s discover some amazing stuff about her. The famous American vocalist, composer or songwriter, organist, and ex-wife of Ray Charles Robinson, Sr. is Della Beatrice Howard Robinson. However, they together have three children over their 22 years of marriage.

Many individuals who have connected to the artist believe that Howard was the one woman Charles genuinely adored and desired to spend the rest of his life with out of all the ladies he had affairs with. Della Beatrice also has a fascinating tale to share, ranging from her bad marriages to how she got to know Ms. Robinson. She moved from a restricted tiny village where she has raised to an aristocratic culture that even then was out of the reach of white people.

When neither of them was thirty, she and her ex-husband lived a lifestyle that most Americans can only imagine. Read about Della Beatrice’s incredible journey, including her early years, private affairs, life following the divorce of her well-known husband, and many other topics.

Who is Della Beatrice Howard Robinson?

Della was born in 1929 to a famous family based in the United States of America. However, her father operated a company before she was born. On the other hand, her mother is a homemaker. According to a few sites, there isn’t any additional information online yet about either parent.

It seemed that she always prefer to keep her life private. Therefore, she doesn’t disclose any information about her household online. And also none of the internet media websites have access to her kin’s information. Furthermore, she graduated from a private high school in the United States. She has a long-term association with an American artist Ray Charles. They were much closed to each other and thus, they had three children together. Ray Charles, Jr. has birthed on born on May 25, 1955. Whereas David Robinson was born in 1958. And Robert Robinson their third son was born in 1960.

How were Ray Charles and Della Connected? 

However, it was the time of 1954 when Ray Charles and Della Beatrice met in Texas. She had a successful music career. Moreover, at that time, she was in her age of twenties.  She has never anticipated running into him again following their initial encounter at a hotel. When they initially met, she didn’t think Ray Charles was all that impressive either.

But Beatrice couldn’t understand why she constantly bumped into him while on the street. She has learned much subsequently that these regular encounters weren’t just a coincidence. In a junk-filled back room, they got married. Their vows have been read to them by a woman they had never met. In May 1955, they gave birth to their first child, a son named Ray Charles Jr. They had two additional boys over the course of the following few years.  Robert Robinson is their third son, while David Robinson is the child that comes on the second number. However, it was a happy marriage at the start.

Why did Della Beatrice Howard Robinson and Ray Charles split up?

Why did Della Beatrice Howard Robinson and Ray Charles split up?

Ray Charles’ persistent infidelity annoyed his wife Della Beatrice Howard Robinson. He was recognized for his relationship with Mary Ann Fisher. Furthermore, two years later their wedding, Ray claimed started dating two other women. However, according to the resources, Margie Hendricks and Mae Mosely Lyles are women. However, in 1976, Della Beatrice filed a divorce. Since they have three children at that time.  Although, the actual circumstances of the divorce have not been disclosed to the media. On June 10th, 2004, Charles Ray passed away as a result of issues brought on by liver failure.

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Della Beatrice Howard Robinson Net Worth

However, according to the resources, Della Beatrice Howard Robinson has an estimated net worth of $15 million as of 2022.  At the time of his passing, her former had a net worth of $100 million. Whereas, he has earned that sum of money over a protracted acting and musical profession. Throughout his profession, Ray was a prominent artist.

Brief Biographical Information on Della Beatrice Howard’s

  • Della Beatrice Howard Robinson’s age is how old? Her birth year was 1929. She will therefore about 93 years old in 2022.
  • Della divorced when and why? Her partner’s unfaithful actions pushed her to end their relationship.
  • Who are the spouse and kids of Ray Charles? The artist and Della were married, and their three kids. And their names are Robert, David, and Ray were born to them. What ethnicity is Della? She’s of African descent.
  • The lifespan of Della Beatrice Howard Robinson has not expired. However, her death has never the subject of any news.
  • What is known about Della Beatrice Howard Robinson? She is the wife of an American superstar. She is well-known for having the ex-wife of Charles, a well-known composer, and guitarist.
  • When did Beatrice and Ray Charles first contact? The former couple wed the next year after meeting in 1954.

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