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Who is Erin Angle? The Untold Story of Jon Bernthal’s Wife

Erin Angle is a nurse and the wife of actor Jon Bernthal, who is best known for his role in “The Walking Dead” TV series. Although she has put her career on hold to become a stay-at-home mom, Erin is no stranger to the spotlight, as she is the niece of a famous American actor and wrestler named Kurt Angle. With such an accomplished family, it is no wonder that Erin is drawn to a life of helping others and making a positive impact on the world.

Who is Erin Angle?

She is the spouse and life partner of Jonathan Edward Bernthal. He is a prominent Hollywood Actor. And although she is the niece of renowned ‘World Wrestling Entertainment’ (WWE) superstar Kurt Angle. Additionally, she has chosen to stay away from the limelight and focus on her family.

The couple had dated for several years before they decided to tie the knot, and now they have three adorable children. Erin’s decision to stay away from the Hollywood scene is quite understandable, given the presence of her famous uncle. But her presence can still be felt thanks to the pictures that Jonathan puts up on his social media accounts. This lets us get a glimpse of the couple’s life, and what it’s like for a celebrity family to live a simple life.

Erin Angle Siblings and Education

She has birthed in 1977. Whereas her birthplace is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. She got birth to Cindy Abbondanza Angle and her unnamed father.

Erin has five siblings of her own, a brother named Mike, and sisters named Cassidy, Jackie, Kristen, and Lea. After graduating from Canon-McMillan high school, Erin pursued higher education, enrolling at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She graduated with a degree in nursing in 1998, and 10 years later, in 2008, she further upgraded her education by getting a degree in MS anesthesiology from the University of Southern California. It’s clear that Erin is passionate about her education, with her determination and dedication to furthering her knowledge leading to great success.

An Overview of Erin Angle’s Bio

Real NameErin Angle
ProfessionAmerican trauma nurse
Known ForCelebrity Wife
Age (as of 2022)45 years old
Date of Birth1977
HometownPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Erin Angle Relationship and Marriage

After several years of relationship and dating, Erin and Jonathan got married on September 25, 2010. The pair decided on an intimate wedding. Whereas, their marriage has administered by Alma Becker, Jonathan’s acting coach. When Erin’s pregnancy had been confirmed, Jonathan was asked about the child’s gender.

He graciously declined to respond and stated that he would only announce the sexual preference with Erin’s permission. Henry and Billy are their two proud boys, while Adeline is their daughter. The five-person family is now content where they live. Erin is still Jonathan’s closest supporter despite her exclusion from the glamour of the movie business, and she consistently encourages him in his endeavors.

Erin selected to remain at home with her children in order to aid Jonathan in focusing on his career. A Venice cottage that Erin and Jonathan previously owned were auctioned for about $2 million.

Erin Angle’s Association with Profession

Erin Angle is passionate about helping trauma patients. After receiving her nursing degree, she immediately began working in the field of trauma care. However, Erin has extensive experience in the medical profession and has worked with some of the most highly regarded medical institutions in the country, including Massachusetts General Hospital, Georgetown University Medical Center, and Stanford University Medical Center. Her years of experience have given her a unique set of skills and knowledge that make her an invaluable asset to any healthcare facility.

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Interesting Facts about Erin and Jon

Erin and Jon have a secret. Although Erin Angle isn’t one to share her life details on social media, she is still Jon’s biggest fan. However, despite having a bumpy dating relationship, their marriage has been full of joy.

It was thanks to the famous singer Willie Nelson that the couple reconciled. After Erin expressed interest, Jon surprised her with concert tickets. When the singer actually sang Always on My Mind, it took them by surprise and they reconciled.

Erin has always been a source of inspiration for Jon, especially in tough times like when their daughter went into a coma. However, Erin has the guts to handle any situation patiently.

After selling their Venice cottage for $2 million, Erin has decided to stop working outside the home in order to focus her time on raising her children.

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