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Who is Frances Yarborough, Truth Story of Don Knotts Wife?

The former American veteran actress Frances Yarborough was best known as the wife of a reputed late actor and comedian, Don Knotts. However, she was his third wife. Nevertheless, she was an administrative secretary who also had a short-lived career as a movie actress. Unfortunately, she is no more alive.

To know more about Frances Yarborough (IMDb), keep reading.

Frances Yarborough’s Age

She was born in Oconee County, Georgia, United States, in 1927. As the date of birth is unknown, no zodiac sign can be associated with her.

Physical stats

Frances Yarborough was a beautiful woman. The actress had brown eyes, and her hair color was grey. Unfortunately, no official information about her height, weight, and body measurements is available.

Frances Yarborough Education

According to the reports, she completed her schooling in her hometown Georgia. But the name of the institute she attended is not known to date.

Who was Don Knotts?

The famous comedian actor don knots was famously known for his performances in the andy Griffith show as deputy sheriff barney and as Ralph Furley in three’s company. Don Knotts performed in the show from 1979 to 1984. He also worked in movies such as the ghost and Mr. chicken as Luther Heggs in 1966 and as henry limpet in incredible Mr. limpet in 1964. He was ranked #27 on its 50 greatest TV stars of All-time list.

Talking about don’s previous marriages, Kathryn Metz was the first wife of Don Knotts. The wedding took place in 1947 and stayed for 17 long years. They separated ways in 1964. The couple had a son and a daughter. Their names are Thomas Knotts and Karen Knotts, respectively. Karen Knotts is also an actress.

The second time he tied the knot with Loralee Czuchua was in 1974. They parted ways in 1983 due to irreconcilable differences 1983.

Marriage to don Knotts

Relationship with comedian-actor Don Knotts had brought France Yarborough to the limelight. They were acquainted with each other for around two decades. Despite their significant age gap, they formed a strong bond. Among closest friends and family, they exchanged their wedding vows in 2002. They were together until death parted them when Don died of lung cancer in February 2006. She lived a single life after her husband’s death. However, she was his third wife.

Family Details

Frances’s ethnicity was Caucasian, and she was an American national. Frances was the daughter of Donald Howard Yarborough and Emmie tippet yarborough. She grew up alongside her sister, named jean Yarborough. She kept her personal and public life private, as little information about her family background was available.

Frances Yarborough’s Father

Her father as a liberal texas democrat ran for governor in 1962 and was a supporter of john f. Kennedy. Furthermore, he served as Commander of the Company, and Marine Corps officer, at the end of ww2, in china. He also advocated the rights of Mexican immigrants and blacks as a lawyer. He died of Parkinson’s disease in September 2009. 

Frances Yarborough Professional and Career

A 1976’s Crime-drama movie titled the electric chair was her only project as an actress. She played the role of a jury member in the film. So, her debut movie was her last movie too. Besides Frances Yarborough, other famous actors like Katherine Cortez and larry park were also part of the movie. In addition to her performing profession, she was a member of the first Baptist church of Walhalla. Likewise, she also served as an administrative secretary. Information regarding her professional life is scarce, and they haven’t been made public by the media.

Frances Yarborough Net Worth Collection

Though she never declared her net worth officially, according to a 2021’s report, her estimated net worth was around $ 20 million, which she inherited from her late husband, Don. But the annual salary is under the rug as she couldn’t earn much wealth from her career as an executive secretary and an actress.

The couple possessed a lavish house for approximately $1.295 million in 2013. At the time of her death, she owned millions of dollars.

Social Media Presence

The electric chair actress is not active on social media accounts. She had no accounts on social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Perhaps she wanted to live a normal life away from the attraction and attention of social media. This aversion to contemporary communication platforms complicates the situation because one can get only a little information about her.

Though she is no longer among us, she had immense presence due to her charming personality and work.

Is Frances Yarborough still alive?

Frances said goodbye to the world at the age of 86. She died a natural death on 28 October 2013. She was 86 years old when she breathed her last.

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