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Who Is Galina Becker? Meet WWE Superstar Roman Reigns Wife

Galina Joelle Becker, a Florida native, has always passionate about sports and outdoor activities. She began to train in track and field while still in high school with coach Steve Nelson, and she continued her athletics career while in college, even setting a few records. Following her educational career, Galina made a brief appearance on television as a fitness model.

When she met Leati Joseph Anoai, known in the ring as Roman Reigns, in college, their relationship flourished, and in 2008, they welcomed their first daughter. Galina was an unwavering source of support for Reigns as he shifted from a college student to a professional football player and then a professional wrestler. Finally, in 2014, they tied the knot in the Bahamas before has blessed with twin boys in 2016.

Galina Becker Early Life and Education

She had a remarkable journey before becoming a professional wrestler and wife of the renowned WWE Superstar Roman Reigns.

Galina has birthed on March 11, 1987. Whereas her birthplace was Jacksonville, Florida to parents Mildred Becker and Kevin Becker. Growing up, Galina was an active young girl and participated in many sports, such as track and long jump. She attended Mount Pleasant High School in Jacksonville and has coached by NFL player Steve Nelson. It was here where she excelled at both volleyball and track and field, breaking records in the triple jump, including the Central Coast Section record of 40’5″.

Having achieved such an impressive athletic career during her high school days, it’s no surprise that Galina decided to pursue a college education. Galina Beckers applied to many out-of-state colleges, eventually choosing the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she studied management. She continued to train and compete in track and field during her college years, winning several awards, such as regional titles in the triple and long jump. She also completed the 100-meter hurdles and the 100-yard dash, performing incredibly well in these events and establishing a reputation as a semi-professional athlete.

Sadly, her athletic career was short when she became pregnant with her boyfriend and current husband, Roman Reigns. Despite this unforeseen event, it’s safe to say that Galina Becker.

Galina Beckers Relationship

Galina and Roman Reigns have had a long and engaging relationship. Since they first met at the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2006. The pair would often attend each other’s games and meets, and in 2008 they had their first child. The couple got engaged in 2012 and two years later they tied the knot in a small and private wedding on the Disney-owned island Castaway Cay. The Becker family grew to five in 2020 when Galina gave birth to a set of twin boys. Galina is now a stay-at-home mother, having given up her career as a fitness model. And the family is happily spending time together while their children are young.

Galina Becker Career Background

She has a long and engaging career. She graduated from college with a degree in management and did not jump straight into a career right away. Rather, she followed her future husband, Roman. While he pursued his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. In 2008, Roman has diagnosed with leukemia and the symptoms were unfamiliar to him. Leukemia develops in the bone marrow and can restrict the creation of normal cells over time.

Galina has featured on TV as a fitness model, but her career didn’t last very long. In her free time, she frequently works on fashion projects, models for sponsored photo shoots, and is a full-time mother to five children. Her oldest child is 13 and their youngest is just turning 1. Galina Becker has certainly made a name for herself through her long and engaging career.

Galina Becker Net Worth

She is an extremely successful fitness model, athlete, and trainer, and she has a predicted net worth of $3 million. Her wealth has accumulated through her various sources of income, and despite her success, she chooses to live a humble lifestyle.

On the other hand, Roman Reigns is a professional wrestler who has a net worth of $12 million and has estimated to grow at a rate of 22% every year. Reigns has one of the main attractions at several major WWE events, including the last three WrestleManias, and in 2013 earned a reported $250,000. WWE superstars tend to earn more money as pay-per-view subscriptions increase, and Roman Reigns is no exception.

He’s one of the highest-paid athletes in the WWE and has believed to make a yearly salary of around $1.2 million. Taking into account bonuses and other prizes, his gross compensation is close to $2 million and his take-home pay has said to be around the same amount. Roman’s salary has steadily increased over the years.

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