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Who is Georges LeBar? The Untold Truth RuPaul’s Husband

Georges Lebar is a gifted painter, author, and bard. Numerous individuals know him for being the husband of RuPaul. Undoubtedly, she is a renowned drag ruler, performer, model, vocalist, and TV character. The pair initially met back in the ’90s on Lebar’s birthday. After only a couple of months of their marriage, they chose to come out about their relationship.

Something else, Lebar is an exceptionally private individual and keeps everything far from the spotlight. In 2007, he distributed his assortment of oil compositions named “Six Inches Away”. During that equivalent year, he had his subsequent book distributed named “Pillow Talk“, an accumulation of his works of art dependent on C.M. Clark’s beautiful sonnets.

Georges Lebar is a private person, but here is what we know about him. He is a successful rancher and owns a ranch in Wyoming that is nearly 50,000 acres. Though he doesn’t have any social media accounts, Georges does have a Facebook with only 283 friends and has not posted anything since 2010.

Now, let’s dive deeper into Georges Lebar and uncover his age, height, career, relationship, net worth, and full bio. Today is your chance to get to know more about the private, yet successful rancher.

Georges Lebar Early Life

Georges Lebar was born in Perth, Australia on the 24th of January, 1973. Not much is known regarding his schooling or higher education, nevertheless, it is known he majored in Fashion & Design in cities such as New York, Miami, and Paris. Now, let’s move on to his career and achievements up to this point, which are rather long and engaging.

Georges Lebar Career Details

He is well prominent as the husband of RuPaul Andre Charles. She is a famous American drag queen, songwriter, model, actor, and TV personality. Not only that, but he is also a talented painter and author. In 2007, Lebar released his oil canvases, “Six Inches Away”.

And later in 2008, he published his second book, which included his paintings inspired by C.M. Clark’s beautiful poetry. He has also released his own works, including “Microwave of Mascara”, “Sitting on a Secret”, and “Gossip”. The latter of which features his partner RuPaul in his drag appearance.

He is a multi-talented artist who owns a sprawling 50,000-acre ranch in Wyoming, where he works as a rancher. The majority of his time is spent in the contemplation of beautiful artworks and paintings. Despite his aversion to the spotlight, Georges has made several television appearances with his husband. Additionally, he and RuPaul have spotted together at various awards and talk shows, taking pictures and admiring one another.

Georges Lebar’s Family: Who Are His Parents?

Although he is a very private person and keeps almost all information about his life away from the media, there is still no information about his family. His parents’ whereabouts, profession, and even any details about his siblings remain a complete mystery. Furthermore, there are no videos or photos of Georges’ family members on any social media platforms.

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Georges Lebar and RuPaul Andre Charles Relationship

Georges Lebar and RuPaul Andre Charles Relationship

The long and engaging relationship between Georges Lebar and RuPaul Andre Charles began when they were young and was kept away from the public eye for 23 years. In 2017, the two tied the knot in a small and intimate ceremony for their 23rd anniversary. Unfortunately, a few months later, paparazzi caught the couple.

And she officially announced their marriage to the rest of the world. As of 2022, the two have been together for a total of 30 years, and there is no known information available about Georges Lebar’s past relationships.

What is Georges Lebar’s occupation?

Georges is a masterful storyteller and illustrator in other words a painter. His works include the well popular novels. Such as Six Inches Away and Pillow Talk. He additionally possesses a property in Wyoming that spans 50,000 acres.

Georges Lebar Net Worth

He is a popular Australian artist, writer, and poet who is widely known for being the partner of RuPaul Andre Charles. An iconic American drag queen, and television personality. Throughout his career, Georges has released numerous collections of oil paintings and canvases since 2007.

Most of his earnings come from his works of art, canvases, and poems. Furthermore, he also makes money from a ranch that has situated on 50000 acres in Wyoming. As of 2022, Georges Lebar’s net worth has been estimated at around $1.5 million. Let’s find out about some of the lesser-known facts about Georges Lebar.

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