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Who Is Jovi Nicole Engbino? All About Manti Te’o’s Wife

Manti Te’o, the former NFL player, has had a remarkable journey in his personal life, which includes finding love and building a family with his wife, Jovi Nicole Engbino (formerly Engbino). Despite enduring a highly publicized catfishing scandal, Manti and Jovi have stood strong together. This blog post delves into their love story, Jovi’s unwavering support, their perspective on the scandal, and the joy of building a family.

The Love Story

Manti Te’o and Jovi Nicole Engbino’s paths crossed in 2015, and from that moment, their connection was undeniable. Their shared values, mutual respect, and deep understanding of one another formed the foundation of their relationship. As Manti’s career soared, Jovi became his biggest cheerleader, supporting him through the highs and lows of professional football.

Jovi Nicole Te’o: Manti’s Biggest Cheerleader

Jovi’s unwavering support has been instrumental in Manti’s journey. When Manti made the courageous decision to share their story through the Netflix documentary, “Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist,” Jovi stood by him. While she didn’t directly address the scandal publicly, her heartfelt comment on Manti’s Instagram post promoting the documentary, saying “Proud of you hunny spoke volumes about her love and support.

The Scandal and Jovi Nicole Engbino Perspective

The catfishing scandal that Manti Te’o faced was a tumultuous period in his life. While the incident brought immense media attention, Jovi chose not to publicly address it directly. Instead, she displayed strength and resilience by focusing on their relationship and building a future together. However, Jovi’s decision to handle the situation privately showcases her grace and unwavering commitment to their love.

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The Wedding and Growing Family

Jovi Nicole Engbino - The Wedding and Growing Family

In August 2020, Manti and Jovi exchanged vows, celebrating their love in a joyous wedding ceremony. The start of their married life marked a new chapter of strength and unity. But the blessings did not stop there—Manti and Jovi also welcomed two beautiful children into their lives. Their daughter Hiro was born in 2021, followed by the birth of their son Kyro in 2023. The arrival of their children brought immeasurable happiness and strengthened the bond between Manti and Jovi.

Jovi Nicole Te’o: An Inspiration

Jovi Engbino’s role in Manti’s life extends far beyond being his wife. Her unwavering support and dedication inspire those around them. Beyond her role as a loving mother and partner, Jovi has also displayed a commitment to philanthropy and community involvement. Her acts of kindness and compassion reflect the values she holds dear, making her an inspiration to others.


Manti Te’o and Jovi Nicole Engbino’s love story is one of resilience, support, and unwavering commitment. Despite the challenges they faced, they have emerged stronger, building a loving family together. Jovi’s steadfast presence in Manti’s life as his biggest cheerleader has been invaluable. Together, they have overcome adversity and found happiness in their shared journey. As they continue to navigate life together. However, their story serves as a reminder of the power of love, support, and the strength of the human spirit.

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