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Who Is Reed Paul Jobs? All About the Son of Steve Jobs

Reed Paul Jobs is the deceased Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and his former spouse Laurene Powell only had one child, Paul Jobs. However, the software industry in its entirety was essentially transformed by his dad. Unfortunately, as a result of this, Steve lost touch with his family, particularly his children.

However, Steve has three more daughters after Reed. Their names are Lisa Brennan, Erin Siena, and Eve. They were born and raised, and it has been noted that Reed shared his family’s sharp and intelligent demeanor. Today, we will reveal all about Reed Paul Jobs. We’ll tell you about his upbringing, his family, his present locations, and whether or not he’s dating anyone. Move along!

Who is Reed Paul Jobs?

This boy has birthed on September 22, 1991. Whereas, his birthplace is the state of California. However, he is the oldest child of Steve and Laurene among the three children. Thus, he was their first biological child. However, just a few weeks after her wedding to Steve was officially formalized that he has conceived to his mother, Laurene.

He is a descendant of his dad’s parents, who are of German, Swiss, and Syrian descent. But at the other hand, he has English ancestry through his mother. However, the famous kid was raised in his dad’s spacious, 1960s-era home measuring 5,768 square feet, on the Palo Alto corner of Waverly Street.

Reed Paul Jobs Bio Overview

Full NameReed Jobs
Born Date22 Sep 1991
Age30 years old
Lucky Number6
Lucky StoneSapphire
Lucky ColorGreen
Best Match for MarriageTaurus, Capricorn
ProfessionMedical Researcher, Celebrity Kid
Marital StatusSingle
Eye ColorBrown
Birth PlaceCalifornia
Net worth$10.2 Billion USD
EducationStandford University (degree in Medicine)
FatherSteve Jobs
MotherLaurene Powell Jobs
SiblingsThree (two biological sisters, Erin and Eve; one half-sister Lisa Brennan-Jobs)

What is Reed Paul Jobs’ Age?

Reed Jobs, who is thirty-two years old in his age. However, he has birthed in 1991 on the date 22 September. Whereas, his birthplace is the United States of America. He has younger three siblings. However, he is the eldest child of his family. His siblings’ names are Erin Sienna Jobs, Eve Jobs, and Lisa Brennan. Additionally, his parents are Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell Jobs. He is the child of Laurene Powell Jobs and Steve Jobs.

The Truth about Reed Paul Jobs’s Name?

The Truth about Reed Paul Jobs’s Name?

Finding a name for her child was difficult for Laurene when she turned a new mother for the first time. Also, she and Steve discussed their options extensively before deciding that Reed Paul was the best option.

However, a press release claims that his given name was inspired by Reed College, where his father had formerly studied but later left. Paul was a natural choice for Steve’s middle initial because it was also the first surname of his adopted father.

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Reed Jobs Education

However, prior to earning a Master of Arts degree from Stanford University in 2014. Reed Jobs enrolled at Crystal Springs Uplands University. The subsequent year in 2015, he proceeded to graduate with a Master of Arts from the same institution.

He joined the team as Managing Director at Emerson Collective, which is run by his mother, Laurene Powell Jobs. Well, he joined this company after completing and receiving his degree from Stanford University. However, the principal focus areas for The Emerson Collective’s charity activities include schooling, immigration policies, the environment, news and press, and healthcare.

Later on, the organization invested in Ozy, a multimedia and entertainment company based in the United States. Furthermore, as a component of its sequence of the financing round, the Reed Community participated in Axios Media as a news outlet that analyzes governance, economics, technologies, and mainstream press trends. In July 2017, Emerson Collaborative purchased The Atlantic. However, it is an American journal and has a number of co-publications, and it now owns the bulk of the business.

Reed Paul Jobs Is Quite Simple

At the time of Steve’s death, he left his wealth to his family which was around Net worth is $10 billion USD collectively. Additionally, his widow Laurene received the majority of his wealth. And as a result, she now has a combined wealth of $20 billion.

However, it is clear from the aforementioned that Reed leads a very comfortable existence. Undoubtedly, the Jobs kids are a smart group of people. Reed is primarily interested in changing the cancer landscape to the greatest extent he can in his capacity as health secretary. However, we wish him success in achieving his goal.

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