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Who is Rhian Gittins? All Facts about Dave Navarro’s Former Wife

Rhian Gittins gained notoriety as Dave Navarro’s ex-girlfriend. Whereas, he is a prominent musician. Her ex-husband rose to recognition as a vocalist of the rock group Jane’s Addiction. She has birthed and raised by Canadian parents. Her birth date is July 19, 1969. She has stayed with her parents in Edmonton, Canada. Actually, it is the same city in which she was born. Ross Shep Composite High School was where Gittins finished her education.

To learn further about Gittins, whom people have fascinated check the content below.

Rhian Gittins Childhood and Early Life

Rhian Gittins was born and brought up in a Canadian family in Edmonton, Canada. And her birth date was July 1969. Rhian has kept her mommy and dad’s whereabouts a secret. Gittins occasionally posts pictures of her parents on social networking sites. Sion is the name of Rhian’s sibling.

Rhian Gittins, who is of Canadian nationality and is of white ethnicity, is a member of the Cancer astrological signs group. For her schooling and academics, Rhian attended Ross Sheppard Composite High School.

Did Gittins Enjoy Animals?

Gittins has a love and soft corner for the animals. Thus she has two dogs and a cat as pets since she loves animals. Whereas, her cats are European Shorthair breeds, and her dogs are Miniature Pinschers kinds. On her social media accounts, she has highlighted her puppies and other pets as well. And she frequently appears to play with them.

Rhian Gittins Physical Condition

She just started taking care of her body by working out regularly and eating right. Rhian posts images and videos on her Instagram profile in an effort to uplift others. Her figure has changed somewhat between the prior image and this one.

Rhian Gittins Professional Life

The mainstream press is still unaware of Rhian Gittins’ professional life. However, her ex-husband was Dave. And he plays guitar for the Los Angeles-based rock group Jane’s Devotion. There is nothing Shocking, Ritual De Lo Habitual, Strays, & The Great Escape Artist are the five organizations. Dave is most famous for his roles as guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers on their 1995 album 1 Hot Minute and for his role as a member of the rock group Jane’s Addiction.

Additionally, her ex-husband is a professional musician who only has the record Trust No One to his credit. On Ink Master, he was also a judge and a presenter. It was a television program that ran on Paramount Network from 2012 to 2021 and was about tattoo competitions in America.

Rhian Gittins’s Relationship Status

Rhian was also once wed to guitarist, singer, and composer Dave Navarro. He is most famous for having a member of Jane’s Addiction. The venue of Navarro & Gittins’ nuptials, which took place on October 15, 1994, is secret to the general public. The world appeared to be in order.

Dave and Rhian shared a close relationship. Whereas, the romance between Navarro and Gittins ended abruptly and led to a formal divorce. The former husband and wife got separated in October 1994. The couple’s marriage either ended after only five days or was later dissolved. They weren’t married and didn’t have kids.

Gittins has unmarried and she prefers to hang out with her family and close friends over dating. Thus has some good friends because now she prefers friendship over dating. Thus, Kat Von D and Katherine Von Drachenberg are her good friends. He is an American tattooist or model who posts beautiful photographs on social media.

Rhian Gittins Net Worth

Rhian Gittin is highly private concerning her life both personally and professionally as previously said. As a result, there are not many details and information about her main source of income or personal wealth. However, the net worth of Rhian Gittins has been undisclosed. However, her ex-husband Dave is $25 million. His various gigs as a talented American guitarist, Drake singer, and Seven actors provide him with a reliable source of income. Rhian once belonged to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

An example of progressive rock is Jane’s Addiction. Navarro serves as the host and one of the competitors in an American reality show about tattoo competitions. Dave Navarro, who enjoys substantial wealth and gorgeous property in the Larchmont neighborhood, is a civilian.

The home features a 4,300-square-foot living space and has estimated to cost $2.9 million. Whereas there are three spare bedrooms, a separate terrace, and a private master suite with a wardrobe and a large bathroom all located on the second floor of the building.

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