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Who Is Tess Curtis White? The Untold Truth Betty White’s Mother

Tess Curtis White, Betty White is a really Hollywood asset. She proudly produced one of Hollywood’s very well stars. Thus, people are getting curious to know about Tess Curtis White. She is the mother of Betty White. Tess Curtis White’s daughter, Betty White was a fabulous American actress and comedian. Notorious for her significant involvement in the entertainment world and for being one of the earliest women to involvement both in front of and behind the scene and on camera. Tess Curtis White’s daughter was a visionary of contemporary television. She worked for seven decades.

Nurturer Tess was always the first to help out with her one and then only child. Tess was always willing to assist whether that involved delivering radio advertisements, taking on a secondary role in a play, or assisting Betty in getting her sitcom Life with Elizabeth off the ground. Although Tess is the mother of a well-known figure, her life has constantly been a topic of conversation. She had been married to an electrical engineer for more than 40 years. A lot of people are also unaware of a lot of other parts of her life.

Read on to learn every little detail about the well-known Hollywood superstar mum that we have meticulously studied and were able to learn about her if you want to learn more about her and learn things about her that you never would have even dreamed of learning.

What is the real name of Tess Curtis White?

Tess Curtis White’s real surname is Tess Christine Cachikis. She renamed herself, White, once she got married. On July 25, 1899, she was born under the zodiac sign of Leo. Giving a speech about her parents, Tess was the daughter of ice cream vendor Nicholas Cachikis and homemaker Maggie Curtis-Cachikis.

Regarding her nationality, Curtis identified herself as American. In terms of her heritage, she was of ethnical background. She had Welsh and English ancestry.

Tess Curtis White Early Years

Tess Curtis White has birthed on July 25, 1899, whereas, and her birthplace was Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. Thus according to her family tree, Tess White was the mommy of just one child.

Tess married Horace Logan White, and the two had a daughter named Betty White. Tess died unexpectedly in Los Angeles, California, on November 11, 1985. At her death, she was 86 years of age.

Betty White’s parents were Tess Christine White, a homemaker, and Horace Logan White, a manager in the electric industry.

However, Tess parents were belongs to different locations. As her father Nicholas Cachikis is Greek. On the other hand, her mother Margaret Curtis Hobbs Cachikis is English and Welsh. Furthermore, she has two siblings and they were her brothers. And their names were Thomas, Tess’s brother, and Tess were both born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1907.

Tess Curties’s Daughter & Marriage

In 1921, Tess Curtis White wed Horace Logan White. Whereas they started a happy family together. And together they welcomed Betty White. Whereas, she was their sole child and was born in Illinois. Tess gave birth to her child in Oak Park, where the couple was residing. They were in California in 1925, but by 1938 they were residing in Beverly Hills. They were in Los Angeles with their daughter when Tess Curtis was forty years old.

All of them had high school diplomas, and Horace made $4,000 a year as a sales representative in the electric industry. Her daughter’s schooling and employment were barely mentioned in the transcript.

Limelight at Old Age

Betty White enjoyed success right up until her advanced years and kept the business impressed. Following the popularity of Snickers advertising, a Facebook campaign titled “Betty White (IMDb) to Host SNL (Please)” has launched in 2010. Well, this das officially began in January when the group contacted NBC.

Betty White attained a level of fame that 88-year-old entertainers will strive for. She exceeded the previous record of Miskel Spillman, who conducted a show at the age of 80. As the oldest woman to ever host a show. The SNL’s Anybody Can Host competition was won by Miskel Spillman. But Betty White shattered the record by hosting at the age of 88.

Reason for Tess Curtis White Death

At the age of 86, Tess Curtis White died unexpectedly. On November 11, 1985, in Los Angeles, California, she passed away. According to the authorities, Tess dies naturally and sweetly. In Los Angeles County, California, USA, in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, she was laid to rest.

On the contrary hand, Bty White passed suddenly on December 31, 2021, while she was sleeping. She had a stroke and died at the age of 99. She had a stroke on Christmas, and six days later she passed away.

Before she passed away in December 2021, a documentary-style film titled Betty White, A Celebration was announced. It had to exhibit in American venues on the occasion of her 100th birthday. Betty White’s belongings are in Glenn Kaplan’s possession.

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