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Who Is Tim Belusko? All About Danielle Fishel’s Ex-husband

Tim Belusko is a successful professional who has worked in various roles in the beer industry. Despite starting his career as a customer service representative, Tim has worked his way up to become a regional sales manager. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Tim Belusko’s journey and the lessons we can learn from his success.

Tim Belusko Early Life and Education

Tim Belusko was born on July 8, 1988, in New York, United States. Not much is known about his family background, as he has kept that information private. However, we do know that Tim attended Santiago Canyon College in Orange, CA, and later went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University. During his academic career, Tim achieved great success and demonstrated a strong work ethic that would later serve him well in his career.

Tim Belusko Career

After completing his studies, Tim Belusko started his career as a customer service representative at Syncast Powering Integration. He worked there for three years and four months, demonstrating excellent communication and problem-solving skills. However, Tim was not content to stay in a customer service role and wanted to explore other opportunities in the industry.

From 2008 to 2014, it is unknown what kind of work Tim Belusko did. However, we know that he was not idle during this time and was likely working hard to further his career. In 2015, Tim took on a new challenge as the market manager of Deschutes Brewery, a position that allowed him to showcase his leadership and marketing skills. He served in this role for a year before moving on to a new position.

In 2016, Tim Belusko joined Ballast Point Brewing & Sports as a regional sales manager. This role required him to manage a team of sales representatives and develop strategies to increase the brewery’s market share. Tim excelled in this role, thanks to his strong leadership skills, industry knowledge, and passion for beer. He made significant contributions to the growth and success of the company, earning the respect and admiration of his colleagues and superiors.

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Tim Belusko Personal Life

Despite his busy career, Tim Belusko has managed to maintain a fulfilling personal life. He is married to actress Danielle Fishel, whom he met while studying at California State University. The couple has married since 2013 and has a son together. Outside of work, Tim enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time with his family. He is also involved in various charitable causes and has used his success to give back to the community.

Lessons Learned and Advice

Tim Belusko’s career trajectory offers valuable lessons for aspiring professionals. His success is a testament to the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Tim started his career in a customer service role and worked his way up the ladder, never giving up on his dream of success in the beer industry. He also demonstrated the importance of continuous learning and professional development, taking on new challenges and learning from each experience.

For those looking to pursue a successful career, Tim’s journey offers some useful advice. Firstly, it’s important to identify your strengths and passions and find a career that aligns with them. Secondly, it’s crucial to develop a strong work ethic and consistently deliver high-quality work. Finally, never stop learning and seeking new opportunities for growth and development.


In conclusion, Tim Belusko is a successful professional who has demonstrated remarkable success in the beer industry. His journey offers valuable lessons for anyone looking to pursue a career in this field or any other industry. By staying true to his passions, working hard, and never giving up on his dreams, Tim got success.

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