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Who Is Xea Myers? The Truth about Antonia Lofaso’s Daughter

Xea Myers is an American star daughter, and the only daughter of the late rapper Heavy D and celebrity chef, Antonia Lofaso. Heavy D was one of the most prominent faces in the rap industry. And it’s over a decade since the Jamaican-born rapper passed away. Fans have curious to know what she is up to these days.

And in this article, let’s take a closer look at her life. We’ll cover her parent’s relationship and find out if they have ever married or not. We’ll also uncover what she has up to since we last saw her during Heavy D’s funeral ceremony. Xea Myers is an amazing star kid who has overcome many obstacles throughout her life. Let’s take a look at her life and find out what she is doing now.

Who is Xea Myers?

Xea Myers is the only daughter of legendary rapper Heavy D and acclaimed chef Antonia Lofaso. And she’s making a name for herself in the entertainment world. Heavy D was an artist with a unique sound and style that quickly gained him recognition. As a founding member of the rap group Heavy D and The Boyz. He released several iconic albums like Living Large, Nuttin’ But Love, and Big Tyme. Now, his daughter Xea is following in his footsteps with her documentary “just stay Inspired: The Life of Heavy D and Unsung”, which celebrates the life and legacy of her late father.

Early Life of Xea Myers

Xea Myers, the daughter of chef Antonia Lofaso Instagram and rapper Heavy D, was born on February 25th, 2000 in the United States. She is of mixed ethnicity. With her father’s side being African-Jamaican and her mother’s side being Italian. She has raised in Los Angeles, where she received her formal education at Marymount High School. After graduating high school.

Then she went on to pursue her college education with pride and excitement from her mom. She expressed how proud she was of her daughter leaving the nest. While Xea’s childhood days remain mostly unknown, reports state that she was born in 2000, suggesting her age is around 20. No matter how much of her childhood remains a mystery. Xea is sure to have obtained a bright future with the support of her loving family.

Xea Myers Parents

Antonia was born to an intercultural couple – her father had Jamaican-American heritage and her mother had Sicilian-Italian roots. Despite the differences of their backgrounds, their love for each other did not waver. Surprisingly, the couple did not marry and Heavy D was more of a husband-like companion to Antonia. Nearly two decades later, no one is certain why the two never officially married, but the bond they shared was so strong that Antonia has not married another man since Heavy D’s passing.

Xea Myers’s Relationship Status

The social media star has kept her relationship status relatively private. So it’s unclear if she has a special someone or is still on the market. Her parent’s relationship status is also a bit of a mystery. While some sources say they were married, others suggest otherwise. The only fact that’s known for sure is that her husband was instrumental in helping her get her start in the cooking industry. She was hired as a manager at Diddy’s restaurant, Justin, which helped propel her cooking career to the next level. So, while we don’t have a definite answer as to whether Xea has a boyfriend or not, we do know that she’s focused on her education at the moment and that she’s had some excellent guidance in her career journey.

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Xea Myers Career

Xea Myers Career

She has earned a good reputation in the filmmaking field. Undoubtedly she has produced many successful projects.

How Much is Xea Myers’s Net Worth?

Xea Myers has had a unique upbringing. After her father’s untimely demise, his estate has inherited by his daughter Xea, when she comes of age. Until then, her uncle Floyd took care of his brother’s estate. And now that she has reached adulthood. She will presumably have access to the estate.

According to reports at the time of Heavy D’s death, his net worth has estimated at around $2 million. On the other hand, Xea’s mother Antonia has also done well for herself. She has built up a healthy fortune through various ventures in the restaurant industry, as well as through her appearances as a judge on a few cooking shows. Her success has no doubt contributed to her increasing net worth of her.

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