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Who Is Zofia Weigl And Is She Alive? Zofia Weigl Life

The guide provides information so that readers may determine Zofia Weigl’s status whether Zofia Weigl is alive or dead. As well as admire her role in developing the Typhus vaccine.

The Google Doodle recently acknowledged Rudolf Weigl, the creator of the Typhus Vaccine, in celebration of his 138th birthday. Throughout 1930 and 1934, as well as once more in 1936 and 1939, he has selected for the Nobel Prize in Medical for his creation of a significant vaccine.

The vaccine pioneer died, leaving his children and Zofia a thriving estate. Many internet users in the United States looking online for information on Zofia Weigl’s status after watching the Google Doodle on September 2, 2021. Is she alive or dead?

Who is Zofia Weigl?

Rudolf Weigl is the famous creator of the Typhus vaccine. He has married Zofia Weigl. She was a doctor, scientist, and biologist from Poland. Her parents were Marta and Wiktor Kulikowski. She has three siblings. Their names were Stefania, Helena, and Wanda.

She finished her studies at the Lviv Girl’s Gymnasium before earning her bachelor’s degree in biology from the university. She has hired as a schoolteacher in 1912 at the Toszniow four-class folk school. She eventually earned a Ph.D. in biology and began working as an adjunct lecturer at the institution. The vaccine’s creator passed away, leaving his children and Zofia Weigl a thriving estate.

Is Zofia Weigl Alive or Dead?

After marrying Rudolf Weigl in 1921, Zofia Weigl Wiki began supporting her husband’s scientific endeavors. She was one of the vaccine’s nearest collaborators at the research facility it was developed.

Her parents and she resided in Lviv. She died in 1940. However, it turns out that Rudolf wed Anna Herzing, his secretary after she passed away. The results demonstrate that Zofia Weigl is dead and not living.

So Zofia Weigl is the solution to your query. She passed away in 1940, whether she was still alive or not.

About Zofia Waigl’s Residence for Children

Two girls and a boy were born to Zofia Weigl and Rudolf Weigl. Whereas their children’s names were Viktor was his son’s name. On the other hand, her daughter’s name was Christina Weigl Albert. Now she is working as a successful phycologist.

The children and the family resided in the home at 4 Vagilevcha Street in Lviv. However, other than 1940, it is unknown when month she passed away. But following her passing, her husband wed his helper. Consequently, Zofia Weigl, living or dead, responds to the inquiry.

What did he add to the development of the typhoid vaccine?

Before getting married in 1921, Zofia and Rudolf Weigl were both laboratory employees. She took involved in her hubby’s research at that time. And eventually worked at the facility where the vaccine was being made.

As she has joined her husband’s lab. And she has provided a lot of research about this vaccine. She is one of its main collaborators who help to produce this effective vaccine. This happened between 1930 and 1934 and 1936 and 1939. On the other, she was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine and worked with her husband to create the renowned typhoid vaccine.

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Zofia Weigl Net Worth

Undoubtedly, Zofia Weigl is a legendary personality. She belongs to a medical or biology career. She was a biologist, inventor, and physician. As well as she has the honor of inventing the typhoid vaccine. Actually, she was one of its collaborators. Well, people are curious to know Zofia Weigl net worth.

 According to our estimate and resources, she has about $1 million net worth. However, we are not familiar with its resources. Because she prefers to keep her life activities private. On the other hand, according to our resources, her husband Rudolf Weigl net worth is approximately $2 million. He was also a biologist. And he has earned his money through his biologist career. Because he has made his whole fortune with his research and studying career in biology.


In short, Zofia Weigl is a biologist, inventor, and physician. She has assisted her husband in inventing a typhoid vaccine. Thus, she has nominated for the Nobel Prize. A lot of people are currently looking for information on Zofia Weigl’s whereabouts online and is Zofia Weigl alive or dead. In 1940, she has passed away. However, her precise day and month are incorrect.

She gained notoriety after her husband Rudolf Weigl’s achievements in medicine were highlighted in a Google Doodle on his 138th birthday.

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