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Who Is Daniel Pitout? Age, Net Worth, Biography, And Facts

Daniel Pitout is a well prominent vocalist, musician, and composer. In addition to serving as the drummer for his band, Nu Sensae. He has birthed in South Africa in 1982. Furthermore, he was a young boy when his parents relocated to Canada.

About Daniel Pitout

Daniel Pitout and Andrea Lukic, the singer for the group. Co-founded Nu Sensae in 2008. Primarily a duet group, they had success with songs like “Spit Gifting,” “Eat Your Mind,” and “That’s My Man” out of their debut with the latest album. Despite the album’s achievement, Daniel Pitout declared their break in order to finish his degree at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Because of the resemblance between him and Orville Peck (Instagram), numerous fans also believe he is indeed the actor that plays the character. The fascinating thing regarding Peck is that he has rarely revealed his facial and always hides it behind a feathered cover. He also works as a singer and tracks like “Pony” and “Bronco” have brought him international recognition.

Daniel Pitout Bio

Before relocating to Canada in 2002, Daniel Pitout was grown and educated in South Africa. However, this is the place where he spent the early years of his life. His ancestors, the identities of whom he has hidden. Furthermore, he had an influence on his singing career because his daddy was an AC/DC sound engineer.

He has experienced a childhood with a brother. His brother’s name is Albeit. He hasn’t revealed many facts about himself. Pitout has similarly withheld information regarding his early years. However, Orville, his stage name is reported to have received encouragement from his dad to pick up an electric guitar, which he did on his own. After that, he spent twelve years studying ballet before becoming cast in musical theater productions. Additionally, it has been claimed that he had professional certification when he enrolled in the London Academy of Music and Drama in his mid-20s.

What is Daniel Pitout’s Age?

Numerous sources suggest that he was born on January 6, 1988. These reports indicate that the songwriter, who resides in Toronto, is approximately 34 years old. Although this is unconfirmed, it is likely accurate because he is said to have been 15 when he immigrated to Canada in 2002.

Daniel Pitout Career Facts

Career as a Singer

Organizations in South Africa musicians began performing in 2008. He was born and raised in South Africa, but when he began his career in 2008 as a singer of Nu Sensae. Luckily, he quickly gained widespread fame. Daniel and Andrea Lukic are the creators of the Canadian industrial and grunge band.

Originally a pair, musician Brody McKnight eventually joined the group. Although their debut album, TV, Life, and the Devil, was published in 2010 to the acclaim of several fans and supporters. Nu Sensae produced a number of tracks and Episodes of the show. Despite receiving widespread attention for their debut album, the group took a break for two years before releasing their follow-up. However, Pitout has worked on a variety of other ventures. Such as writing songs for films and working with other bands. He is recognized for contributing to Scream, Ice Cream Truckers, and Hunx Private Room.

2016 was the Debut of his West End Performance

Carrying on Broadway or any other popular production has evolved into a trend among bands. The percussionist for Nu Sensae did their first television series in 2016. However, as of this authoring, he really hasn’t made his Theatrical appearance.

He made a cameo in the West End production of Peter Pan Gone Wrong in London. The show was up for an Olivier nomination for Best Comedy Series from October 21, 2016, through January 29, 2017.

Daniel Pitout has previously worked as a naked model

Before focusing solely on music, the renowned vocalist and songwriter attempted his hand at other endeavors. At one period of his life, he appeared as a magazine nude fashion model.

Although he currently hardly ever removes his clothes, that incident may have had an impact on his unrestricted appreciation of appearing nude. Additionally, he acknowledged in a conversation that he had relationships with numerous gay men in the punk movement. He thinks the males in Copenhagen are the sexiest.

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What is Daniel Pitout’s Approximate Net Worth?

Although he has not confirmed it, the majority of sources now indicate that it is more than $1 million. Nevertheless, given his background as a musician, singer, and songwriter. It is possible that Daniel has a sizable following.

His wealth apparently goes toward items like homes. This surfaced following his purchase of a $1.7 million residence in Beachwood Canyon. The legal heritage of the abovementioned home extends from John Frusciante to Jennifer Nicholson, Jack Nicholson’s daughter.

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