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Who Is Dallas Yocum? Everything about Mike Lindell’s Ex-Wife

Dallas Yocum is a prominent American international sensation. And she gained notoriety as a result of his romance with Michael James Lindell. In 2013, she married an American entrepreneur. But unfortunately, their union did not endure as they split up just a few weeks after. If you are curious to know about her lies in different aspects. Then read the content below.

Who is Dallas Yocum?

Entrepreneur Dallas Yocum is a woman based in America. However, according to the details she has birthed in 1980. Whereas her exact birth date is not available but according to our sources and information she birthed between 23rd July to 22 August. Additionally, her birthplace is the United States of America. However, she did once proclaim that she had siblings. Leo is her sun sign. Thus, Yocum has birthed between July 23 and August 22. Additionally, she is of mixed ethnicity and has American citizenship.

What are Dallas Yocum’s Height and Physical Characteristics?

Yocum stands 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters) tall on average. She weighs 60 kg and has a perfect body (132 lbs). Furthermore, she is approximately 36-29-45 inches in height. In addition, she has lovely blonde highlights and dark brown eyes.

Dallas Yocum wed Mike Lindell?

She supposedly maintains a low-key image and avoids social networking sites. Although she rose to celebrity because her former husband was Mike Lindell who is a legendary celebrity in America. Prior to getting married, the pair had a relationship and dated for at least two years. Yocum and Lindell exchanged vows in June 2013 but separated a couple of weeks later. Although Yocum and Lindell have wedded, they never had any children. Prenuptial agreements have been made between the couple, and Yocum is said to have left Lindell.

Yocum called him “boring,” according to Lindell.

I don’t adore you, his ex-wife allegedly informed him. You never had my affection. You’re dull. We don’t share anything, and the most recent two years of my life have devastated by you. Whereas, Lindell has four children from his first wife. However, Lindell first married Karen Dicky. And their children’s names are Heather Lueth, Lizzy Meyers, Darren, and Charlie.

Who is Dallas Yocum Current Partner?

Dallas has always been modest in her approach to life. She cherishes her solitude greatly. She may have gained media attention due to various reasons as her ex-husband Mike, which is why they are unaware of her private life. Dallas married Mike Lindell in June 2013 to become his second wife.

However, they were not meant to be together. Dallas divorced Mike only a few weeks after they married. Also, in July of that year, they filed for separation. Mike once even revealed that the couple had a signed contract before getting married. Thus, as a contract condition, Dallas left him, but the paparazzi still don’t understand why. On the other hand, many people believe that she wedded him purely for fame and fortune. Though, Dallas disagrees with the whole statement.

Thus, after her divorce, she has not married anyone. And on the other hand, it is not sure that either she has any relationship or not.

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Who is Mike Lindell’s Current Spouse?

Two of The My Pillow Guy’s relationships and marriages have ended in divorce. The American entrepreneur previously married Karen Dickey prior to beginning a relationship with Dallas Yocum. For over 20 years, Mike Lindell has wedded to his first wife. And they together have four children. But they become divorced each other and he credits the dissolution of their marriage primarily to his heroin addiction. Heather Lueth, Charlie Lindell, Lizzy Meyers, and Darren were the four children that Mike Lindell and his ex-wife Karen Dickey have blessed with.

After his second marriage ended in divorce, the American business mogul avoided getting married anymore. He began a relationship with Kendra Reeves in 2014, and he attributes his happiness to her.

Dallas Yocum Net Worth

Dallas Yocum has not publicly disclosed her own net worth because she mostly prefers to keep her life away from the media spotlight. However, some publications claim that she has a net worth of around $450,000. Additionally, her ex-husband Mike is thought to be worth around $300 million. Her value made it simple for her to lead a luxurious existence.

Additionally, she may have collected some cash as a component of the separation settlement. Mike became this wealthy because he founded and is the CEO of My Pillows.

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