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Do You Want To Discuss Andrea Chong Fashion Travel Lifestyle?

Andrea Chong, popularly known as Drea Chong, is a professional Singaporean blogger and influencer. She is very famous because people love to read Andrea Chong Fashion Travel lifestyle blog. Now, let’s discuss it together.

Firstly, who is Andrea Chong? She was born on March 25, 1992. She has over 301,000 Instagram followers. As well, she has over 5,400 YouTube subscribers as of July 2020. Also, she has been chosen as a brand ambassador for H&M (Hennes & Mauritz is a Swedish clothing retailer) and Pandora as a social media star.   Also, she earned a name as ‘Fashion Icon of the Year’ at the Singapore Social Media Awards in 2015. She has earned this fame against other Singaporean content creators such as Night Owl Cinematics and Munah Hirzi Official. 

Andrea Chong Biographical Statics

NameAndrea Chong
BirthdateMarch 25, 1992
Age31 years
Marital statusMarried
HusbandImran Rahim (A lawyer)
BabyA baby boy
ProfessionA professional blogger
Net worth$62 Million
EducationShe studied English literature
Instagram followersOver 301,000 followers


She is a social media influencer. But she’s more than just a brainy beauty. She has attended Victoria Junior College and Zhonghu Secondary School. She continued her English Literature studies at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), but she postponed her graduation to focus on her blossoming profession as a blogger-influencer.

Travel- Andrea Chong

Andrea Chong is a popular blogger. The reason behind her popularity is she loves traveling.   After travel, she defines the complete details of that place.

For instance, she has traveled to Seoul. Then, in her blog, she has defined all the details about Seoul. Such as famous places in Seoul, food, etc.

Travel- Andrea Chong

How was the trip to Seoul?

I was only there for two days on a press tour. Because we had to fly out to New York City. However, before the press events began, I was able to see a little of Seoul.

What did I enjoy about Seoul?

Shopping in Seoul is always enjoyable because it is so different from shopping in Singapore. Our style is considerably simpler and cleaner in Singapore. Whereas, Koreans are far more daring in their fashion choices.

They can dress up a simple white sweater with a pinafore, bomber jacket, or trench coat. They mainly focus on colors and design.  Only the outerwear is included. When it comes to footwear and accessories, the possibilities are endless. Such as boots, berets, and beanies. Andrea Chong Fashion Although the weather in Singapore may prevent this.

What are the must-visits in Seoul?

According to Andrea Chong, people must visit a few places if they go to Seoul. These places’ names are the following:


Firstly, if somebody is a foodie then he must visit Garosu-Gil. Because this is the land of great cafes and shopping.


Secondly, at this place, you can find clothes of different brands at wholesale prices.

Ewha Woman’s University Fashion Street

Thirdly, I will say this place is a girly place. Because here you will find all things for girls. Such as accessories, skincare products, etc.

Fashion- Andrea Chong Fashion

Andrea Chong is a blogger and influencer. Also, she has collaborated with many companies.

Fashion- Andrea Chong Fashion
  • Recently, in 2022, she has worked with many clothing brands as well. Such as the fit flop in the Singapore collection and many other brands as well.
  • In 2019, and 2020, Andrea Chong worked with Superga. She launched the third line of Andrea Chong sneakers.
  • In 2018, she has worked with Fossa Chocolate (to produce customized chocolate bars) and The Closest Lover (Andrea launched two capsule collections)

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