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Do You Want To Know How Long Are Lacrosse Games 2022?

Lacrosse Games has first played in the 17th century, and it has a surprisingly long history. I’ll provide you with some fun and fundamental lacrosse knowledge.

Are you trying to find out how long is lacrosse? Thus, you must first determine which league or division you will be watching or playing in. Whereas, this is because each association has its own set of regulations.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how long a regular lacrosse game lasts.

How Long Are Lacrosse Games 2022

How Long Are Lacrosse Games 2022

You should know that a typical lacrosse game lasts 60 minutes of regular time. Each quarter is lasting for 15 minutes.

Besides a half, you will take a 10-minute break, with a 2-minute break in between each quarter. However, Timeouts has used occasionally, to extend the lacrosse game to 78 minutes. Whereas, Consider certain ability levels in Lacrosse Games have played with quarters and average time.

Lacrosse Games Time Schedule

Skill LevelQuarterAverage Time
Youth4×8 minute quarter50 minutes without overtime
High School4×12 minute quarters65 minutes without overtime
College4×15 minute quarter78 minutes without overtime
Major League4×12 minute quarter65 minutes without overtime
Minor League4×12 minute quarter  65 minutes without overtime

Lacrosse Games Time Overview


 Firstly, each lacrosse game has divided into four quarters. It’s unusual for a lacrosse game to be split into only two parts.


Secondly, each league or competition has its system of regulations. In college lacrosse, you can take two timeouts per half, whereas, in the National Lacrosse League, you can take three timeouts per game.


Thirdly, this is the time interval between the second and third quarters. While the players are resting, the coaches can spend even more time with them. Also, this is a good time for people to acquire snacks and drinks. Perhaps this time might be used for restroom breaks as well.


Furthermore, players become fatigued over time in real-time games. The rules of various overtimes frequently differ by lacrosse league. This signifies that the game will be risky.

How does Long a Lacrosse Game Take in Each Division?

Now, we are moving on to talk about how long a lacrosse game lasts. There are different divisions based also Lacrosse games. we’ll do this by telling you how long each game in each division or league takes. So, let’s started this.

How Long Premier Lacrosse Games

The premier lacrosse league has a 48-minute regulation period. The game has divided into four 12-minute quarters. Each team has allowed three timeouts per game, for a total of four minutes. When all of the quarter breaks are taken into account, the game lasts about 65 minutes. Also, if at the end teams are on the same point then overtime of 12 minutes will be added.

How long are National League Lacrosse (NLL)?

However, it is 60 minutes long, including 15 minutes of quarters.

How long is Major League Lacrosse (MLL)?

Regardless, most major league lacrosse MLL games are 60 minutes long and divided into two 15-minute quarters. And 10 minutes of overtime can be added on need.

How long are Professional Lacrosse League (PLL)?

As a result, the professional lacrosse league can last 48 minutes, divided into 12-minute quarters with an additional 12-minute overtime period.

How Long are College Lacrosse Games?

Lacrosse in college lasts 74 minutes. It has divided into four sections. Each quarter will last 15 minutes, with a 2-minute break in between. However, players will be given a 10-minute rest in the second and third quarters. On-need, 4 minutes of overtime can be added.

How Long are High School Lacrosse Games?

If we see how long high school lacrosse games are. This and college Lacrosse games are the same length. It just has each quarter of 12 minutes. So, the total time will be 65 minutes.


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