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ElevenKicks Review: Is It Legit Or Scam?

Do you want fashionable sneakers? And are you looking for such a store that gives discounts as well on stylish sneakers? If yes, read this post. The Elevenkicks store essentially deals with all varieties of trendy sneakers.

However, people all around the globe prefer sneakers because it gives you a stylish look. Thus, the demand for sneakers is rising. People pay attention to reliable, high-quality footwear at numerous internet retailers and eleven kicks is one of them. People want to know more about it. As Is Elevenkicks Legit? Is that what you’re thinking of asking? So, let’s find the answers to your all queries.

What is Elevenkicks?

It is a shoe store that is famous as Elevenkicks. However, it offers you a selection of branded sneakers. Thus, on their official website, people can find out a huge collection of attractive and stylish The company sells footwear from numerous worldwide brands. For instance, Adidas, Nike, Balenciaga, and more. Additionally, it offers an exclusive discount on every product for its customers. Also, feel free to check out the newest sneaker types that are offered.

We discovered numerous retail banners that discourage customers from purchasing sneakers at the store when researching the answer to the question, “Is Elevenkicks Legit?”

Features of Eleven Kicks

Following are the features of elevenkicks.com.

  • The store has an official website.
  • This website launched on 14 August 2020
  • They have mentioned the email address[email protected] for the queries.
  • To contact someone, use WhatsApp at +8615880309024.
  • It has many branded shoes. Such as Adidas, Air Jordan, Vans, Converse, Nike, Balenciaga, and many more shoe brands are available.
  • It facilitates its users with multiple payment options. That includes PayPal, online banking, and debit/credit cards.
  • Due to the strong demand, the company ships the product internationally, as stated on the website, and it typically takes 3-5 days for the item to arrive at your specified address.
  • Before placing your order, you can view the shoes from various angles in the photographs.
  • Before placing an order for the sneakers, you can read ElevenKicks, Barclient Reviews, and the product review on the website.
  • It also provides a return policy to return any product. But make sure before returning the product should be in the same packaging and you must state your reason for doing so.

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Is ElevenKicks.com Legit or Not?

Is ElevenKicks.com Legit or Not?

When our research team investigated this website’s validity, they discovered some information that would clarify any doubts you could have about the elevenkicks. These points are the following.

  • The Elevenkicks website is online for two years. It was started on August 14, 2020.
  • The trust rating is barely 5%, which is hardly encouraging.
  • On the online platform, this website has received a few reviews. When we looked at the product’s review section, we discovered that there were only a few reviews listed on the website. But these were positive.

With regard to the identified components, we can conclude that the website is doubtful and unreliable.

Elevenkicks Reviews

According to our research, we have found only a few reviews on their site. Some categories are showing a large number of reviews but these were not opening. However, this shoe store is not too old. It is only available for two years in the world of online buying. They preferred vibrant colors and thought the store’s selection of sneakers was fairly strong.

Additionally, we discovered positive reviews of Elevenkicks‘ sneakers on the marketplace. However, we can’t count on them to fulfill our transaction. The validity of the store can only be determined by reliable reviews. The store’s YouTube account has fewer than 100 subscribers. On the other hand, the shop’s Instagram profile has more than 3,000 followers. The new store collection has been well received by customers. 

Final Verdict

In short, Elevenkicks website is unreliable and appears as a fraud by taking into account all the above-mentioned information. With the help of these arguments, we can now conclude that the Elevenkicks website is a shady website and consumers should stay away from it in order to save money. However, if still you want, then you can place your order at your own risk.

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