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Tilval Shopping Store – Is It Legit Or Scam?

Are you searching for online shopping? In addition to providing you with information about another online retailer that sells men’s clothing, this article also helps you to determine whether or not Tilval Store is legitimate.

Is it true that you are looking for a place to meet all of your fashion needs? Some online retailers are considering the needs of women in terms of style. Finding an internet business website that has focused on men’s fashion is still uncommon.

What is Tilval Store?

Tilval is a clothing store. Whereas, boy’s clothing is available in different categories or varieties. For instance, shorts, shirts, jeans, hoodies, and other outerwear.

On a few things, the corporation is giving a slight discount. It is operating in different countries. Such as the United States. Thus, this is store open for business. There are many websites available online today. However, before we continue, it is crucial to know the truth about the website: Is Tilval Store a fraud or a legitimate business?

Information Regarding Official Store

  • The official website address.
  • If users have any issues or inquiries, they can send them to this mentioned email address [email protected].
  • However, users can do regular interaction at (855) 849-5256.
  • The address of the contact has not been made public.
  • There is a large assortment of apparel made just for boys, including hoodies, accessories, and hoodies.
  • The URLs for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have provided on the official website, but these social points are not active.
  • The Tilval Store has reviews but does not include information about any other websites.
  • The website has protected by an SSL integration and a certificate issued by HTTPS.
  • This website has provided multiple payment methods. Such as PayPal and other online payment processors are accepted for online purchases of the products.
  • The product’s characteristics make clear the descriptions of the products, including their sizes, colors, and other characteristics.
  • If you’re unhappy, you have 30 days to return it and get your money back.
  • Delivery or shipment often takes 5 to 10 days.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tilval

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of this store.

Advantages of the Website

  • A wide variety of things are available for purchase.
  • It is promoting a bargain on a few things.
  • There are phone numbers and email addresses available for any inquiry.
  • The website is completely safe and secure.
  • Online payments are accepted.
  • Free shipping is available to any country in the world for orders over $49.99.

Disadvantageous of the Website

  • Review of the Tilval Store by Customers There is nowhere to access customer reviews of Tilval stores.
  • It is not too old a site. As it has registered on September 14, 2021.
  • It has received a medium trust score.
  • It has the performance of the overall trusts.
  • The lack of any social media pages suggests that there is no traffic and no publicity.

Review about Tilval Store: Is it Legit?

It is a store based in the US that deals with men’s clothing goods like pants, T-shirts, shirts, pants, accessories, hoodies, and more is available online at Tilval Store.

We look online because, as we are all aware, inexperienced shoppers’ experiences with other customers’ reviews can have a big impact on their purchasing decisions. Sadly, there is no information available from the customer’s perspective.

This site is looking like a genuine store but we advise you to wait patiently for the final result before learning how to protect your money from fraudulent PayPal activity.


In short, after looking into the details, we can conclude that this Tilval store has both positive and negative perspectives of view. In any case, it is evident that the bad realities are truer but less than the optimistic ones.

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