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Is Tomtaker Really Legit Or Scam? An Authentic Review

Tomtaker – This post’s goal is to update you with the information that will erase any unanswered doubts you may have about Tomtaker’s legal capacity to sell its goods to consumers.

Do you enjoy making unconventional fashion statements? Tilval Shopping Store you really shouldn’t turn the page if you have an unconventional fashion preference. Fashion is always evolving and adopts new trends on a regular basis. Your initial impression might be made or broken by it. Decide on your wardrobe wisely. You now have a new fashion venue thanks to the United States.  And we’ll try to determine its authenticity by learning about Is Tomtaker Legit for Customers.

About Tomtaker

This specific e-commerce site is quite fascinating. It offers a variety of stylish men’s clothing of different fashions. Such as shirts, hoodies, jackets, vests, pants, and hats have included in its variety. However, the most fascinating thing is they offer worldwide shipping.

Furthermore, throughout our investigation of the legitimacy of Tomtaker. We have noticed that it’s pricing of different products is slightly high. You might be wondering now what is so attractive about it. Undoubtedly, in the market, you will get many sites that are performing the same job. Your question might answered by saying that their items have a distinctive look and interesting designs.

Details about Tomtaker

  • The URL link of its official website is tomtaker.com.
  • Whereas it is a France-based business and its Address office is 2 Square Saint Marsal, 66100 Perpignan, France.
  • The email for correspondence is [email protected].
  • But the business’s phone number is unreachable.
  • And they have not mentioned any official information about the working hours in which they provide services.
  • On the other hand, they deal with different payment gateways. Such as Credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal are all acceptable forms of payment.
  • This company offers a worldwide shipping facility for its customers.
  • During our investigation, we couldn’t find any customer reviews for you.
  • The website only uses the conventional shipping option.
  • However, the Shipment charges depend on the shipping address.
  • The Return Procedure has not mentioned explicitly.
  • But customers have to put in a Request for returns and must submitted within 30 days.
  • The exchange window coincides with the return window.
  • If the buyer wants to return the product then the buyer is accountable for this.
  • However, they have not mentioned any procedure for refunding.
  • Requests for cancellation have accepted up until the purchase is sent.
  • No fee for cancellations made up to 24 hours in advance. 15% will thereafter be charged.
  • No mention of the website can be found on social media.

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The Legitimacy of the Tomtaker Website

If you want to buy some men’s clothing and thinking to shop from this website. Please, just follow the facts before shopping so, that you can save yourself from any fraud. All these essential details are the following.

  • The tomtaker site is only one year old. This means it is not too old a site.
  • However, tomtaker site registration has done on 25-06-2021.
  • Mjm Ouros is the name of the owning firm.
  • Its trust rate is really terrible that is only 1%.
  • Information about the Policies and regulations are in lacks clarity.
  • Contact details are not available.  The only method of communication with the firm is via email.
  • Address information and the location of the address may be found on Google Maps. There are no customer reviews available on the tomtaker site.
  • Payment information to pay here, use either PayPal or a credit card. This means they are not offering too many payment gateways.
  • The website has no Alexa ranking.

Positive Aspects

  • There is a 30-day return warranty applicable.
  • Delivery to every country has offered.
  • A size guide is also available for customers’ use.
  • Product details are provided.

Negative Aspects

  • A few policies about refunding the product and exchanging the product are not clear. 
  • If any customer wants to cancel his order then after 24 hours, the cancellation costs will be assessed.
  • However, the buyer has to pay the returning cost for the product.
  • For customer support, no phone number is available on their official site.
  • On the other hand, it does not providing any more different payment gateways.


In short, the website Tomtaker has the most recent styles of bottoms, vests, and other goods. It has mentioned in the article that it is exclusively made for boys. During our investigation, we discovered a Facebook page for this site.

Unfortunately, one Facebook user stated that the website isn’t legitimate in their remark. Its name and URL are also invalid since they have used by other dubious websites.

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