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What Is JoinPD.com – How to Join Pear Deck?

Joinpd.com – Technology has significantly transformed our life. Additionally, it made our life easier. Particularly, the field of education has seen one of the biggest technological revolutions. This transformation plays a significant role in many other disciplines, including education, during the current century. One of the various online learning programs that are accessible is “pear deck,” which we will cover today. It was created in 2014 with education in mind. 

What is a Pear deck?

Pear deck is an educational platform where students can prepare their educational stuff. For institutions and their teaching members from classes k–12. Thus, the pear deck is an educational framework designed by the pear deck educational technology firm. It has created in the United States in 2014. Actually, it serves as a presentation tool for educational purposes.

Teachers can use this application to create live presentations and enhance them with video, gifs, and audio. It motivates pupils to learn. With a Google or Microsoft Office 365 subscription, you may benefit from excellent instruction from your teacher. This web-based tool fills in all the gaps between solitary and collaborative learning. According to research, when pupils are studying using images, they learn more efficiently and with greater interest.

What is Joinpd and the Purpose of Peardeck?

The joinpd website offers the option to join presentations given by authorized teachers on an active online platform. Additionally, we can state that “Joinpd” is a live piece of software that offers educational features like helping students and teachers create presentations.

Features of the JoinPD

We are all aware of the platform’s various capabilities and advantages as an educational tool. Because the platform that offers users online services must have functionalities. The internet service is superior to all others.

So without further hesitation, let’s look at the features of a pear deck. The list of features is the following.

  • Possibly the first thing you’re wondering is whether it is free. The pear deck has some free features. You can sign up for the premium membership account as well. However, both students and teachers can participate in the live presentation for free.
  • The instructor can create the presentations before emailing the links to the students in their respective classes.
  • Additionally, it promotes in students a good attitude and confidence towards their learning. Additionally, it helps students establish social standards.
  • Students that are very interested in this application may successfully accomplish their objectives.
  • The students can submit their responses to the presentation-related questions. One of the best features of joinpd is that the teacher can prevent students from changing the answers they have provided. With the use of this feature, the teacher can assess the student’s comprehension abilities.

Joinpd Login Process for Students and Teachers

Joinpd Login Process for Students and Teachers

However, if you are a beginner and want to know the login process on pear duck. So for you, we have mentioned the login process differently for both teachers and students. 

How to Teacher Joinpd

Initially, if you want to use pear deck, you must have a Google or Microsoft Office 365 account. Here, we’ll go over how to open a fresh Pear Deck account.

  1. Firstly, visit the official website of pear deck. But if you are using it for the first time then firstly, you have to login into your Google account.
  2. Here, you will get the option in which you want to log in. Select the teacher login option there, then from the menu pick the type of account you want to access.
  3. Pear Deck will now request access to your Google Drive, and you will grant it as needed.
  4. Then you have to respond to some inquiries.
  5. After that, enter the school’s name and your city’s postal code.  Simply input the five-digit number for the name or postal code of your school if it is not listed in the list.
  6. Then click on the Installing the “joinpd now” button.

How to Students Joinpd

If you are a student and want to join the pear deck, you won’t need to go through the account signup process. To participate in the discussion, all you need to have an account with Microsoft 365 account. The joinpd procedure involves

  1. The teacher introduces the material and gives the class a link.
  2. By clicking the email that contains a link, the students can quickly join the connection.
  3. They can also sign up for the session at joinpd.com by entering the code in the join code field.
  4. If a student first provides their email to join the session, the teacher may also forbid them from using it to joinpd.

Details about Pear Deck Pricing

The Pear Deck offers a limited time of free use for several functions. Whereas, Pear Deck provides the student a voice while they are learning. On the other hand, for school systems, pear deck services are available. It offers different packages and different prices. For this, you can visit their website and check out 


In short, joinpd, Pear Deck is the most well-known online educational platform in the US. However, with the help of this platform students and teachers can conduct an online classroom. Whereas, these lectures can comprise audio/video and presentations. Both teachers and kids will find the pear deck to be quite simple. Due to covid, students weren’t able to participate in their lessons, so they used Pear Deck as an online classroom to save time and concentrate on their coursework.

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