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Justin Qualley: All About The Son of Andie MacDowell’s Actress

Do you know Justin Qualley? He is the son of a very established and famous American actress Andie McDowell. However, the actress Andie McDowell and her ex-husband, Paul Qualley, are the parents of Justin Qualley Wiki. Whereas she has three children and Justin is the eldest son of Andie.  

Justin’s mother is one of the most famous personalities in America. And she has played part in classic films from the 1980s and 1990s. For instance, she has played a role in Four Weddings and a Funeral, Sex, Lies, and Videotape. And as well as she was part of Groundhog Day, and St. Elmo’s fire. Justin is a descendant of the previous crop of A-list celebrities. His sisters have started modeling their behavior after their mother.

But does Justin Qualley work in the acting industry? Justin is the one who has strangely disappeared from the public view, even if we may have heard a lot about the Qualley sisters. Let’s learn a little bit more about him together.

Jeremy Qualley Biography

Justin is the boy of a famous American actress. His full name is Justin Qualley. His birth date is 1986. As he was born in America so he has American citizenship. He has white ethnicity. Now he is 36 years old in age.

Justin Qualley is the son of Andie MacDowell and Paul Qualley, as was previously stated regarding his parents. It’s also crucial to discuss Justin Qualley’s brothers when talking about family. They are three siblings.

Justin Qualley’s Family

Justin’s parents are Andie McDowell and Paul Qualley. His mother is a popular actress that has done many classical films. However, his parents are now not together. Justin is three siblings. Whereas, two of them are sisters and one is a brother and that is Justin by himself. His sisters’ names are Margaret Qualley and Rainey Qualley. His both sisters are very innovative and successful and both are beautiful and have a great intellectual level. Both of them have established successful careers in the industry. As well as both have their attractive and passionate followings. 

Justin Qualley's Family

However, Justin does not have any plans to join this industry. In addition, Justin Qualley dislikes being in the spotlight and frequently avoids the media. Additionally, Justin Qualley spends most of his time away from the public limelight enjoying his personal life.

Facts about Justin Sisters

  • Justin’s sister Margaret is a fantastic actress who has the honor of Emmy Award nominee. 
  • Margaret, Justin’s sister had always determined to become a model before getting married.
  • Margaret Qualley is a supermodel and actress who was born in 1994. Whereas, she began her career in 2013 with a drama movie shot in Palo Alto.
  • She later made numerous film appearances and rose to recognition because of her outstanding performances. Margaret has a history of relationships. At the moment, she is seeing music producer, musician, and songwriter Jack Antonoff.
  • Rainey Qualley, another sister of Justin. However, she has debuted in 2012. In 2012, Rainey has elected Miss Golden Globe because she possesses beauty like her mother and siblings.
  • She is connected to the entertainment world like her other family members, who have also worked in the show business. She won’t likely become as well-known as her sister, though.
  • Rainey has made cameo appearances in a variety of television shows and motion pictures. She has collaborated with Twin Shadow on songwriting and recording projects.

Justin Social Media Details

Justin Qualley is mainly active on the App Instagram. And we should also point out his authorized Instagram account. However, he is active on Instagram with the username @justinqualley. But it seemed that he does not actively use this platform because he has few posts with few followers.

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How is Justin Qualley doing in the Back of the Spotlight?

Justin’s mother has frequently referred to him as being an incredibly down-to-earth type of guy. Justin, Andie’s son has been reported as loving a calm life. She claims to have the utmost regard for him and his decisions.

According to reports, Justin values open spaces for wildlife and loves trees and the natural world. According to the NY Times, he purportedly works in real estate in Missoula, Montana. Whereas, his father, Paul Qualley keeps the property.

Justin Qualley Career

Justin Qualley has worked as a Real estate agent. He has begun a career in the field after graduating from college. He now operates as a real estate agent in Montana, where his father owns a ranch. But it is his relationship with his mother, the actress Andie MacDowell that has made him famous.

Justin feels hesitant about pursuing a career in cinema, unlike his younger sisters. They both chose to be actors and largely followed their mother (who is a well-known film actress). Hence, his career decisions.

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