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Noah Shannon Green: All You Need To Know About Megan Fox’s Son

Noah Shannon is a famous child of an American celebrity couple. However, this child gets popular because of his parents. He is the eldest of Megan Fox and his spouse Brian Austin Green. Whereas, her wife is also an actress. Noah Shannon Green is also popular as a star kid. This couple was together for a long time but at a certain time, they become separated.

Additionally, Noah Shannon Green has two brothers. Whereas, he is the elder of them. Currently, the Green boys are experiencing their amazing childhood as a family. As they are celebrity children but their parents try to stay away from any kind of media activities.

However, in this post, you will get amazing facts about his life. Such as you will get a chance to know about his family, biography, education, career, and many other activities that has an association with him.

Who is Noah Shannon Green?

Noah Shannon is the son of a famous couple. His father’s name is Brian Austin. And on the other hand, his mother’s name is Megan Fox. Whereas, Megan Fox is a popular American actress and as well she has a huge following in modeling. Furthermore, Brian Austin Green is also a well-known American actor in movies and TV shows.

Noah Shannon Green is their eldest son. They also have two other kids. One more thing Noah green and his other brothers are also famous because of their odd dress.  For this, they had faced bullying many times but Megan Fox is trying to groom them with confidence.

A Quick Overview of Noah Shannon

NameNoah Shannon Green
Date of birth 27th September 2012
Age9 years
Nationality American 
FatherBrian Austin Green
MotherMegan Fox
Sibling NamesBrandon Hall
Journey River Green

Noah Shannon Green Bio

Noah Shannon Green is the boy of American Celebrities. For being the kid of Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox, two American celebrities. His birth date is September 27, 2012. And he was born in his native country.

However, he was born in Los Angeles, California, United States. He has two other younger brothers. Their names are Bodhi Ransom Green and Journey River Green. As well as they have a half-brother and his name is Kassius Marcel Green.

Noah Birthdate, Age, and Nationality

Noah Shannon Green Bio

Shannon Green’s birth date is 27 September 2012.  So, according to his birthdate now he is 9 years old and moving towards the 10th year of his life. According to his birth, his zodiac sign is Libra.

Furthermore, he was born an American and he is a native of Los Angeles, California. He is a member of the White ethnic group and, along with his parents, siblings, and extended relatives, practices Christianity.

Noah Education

Due to privacy concerns, Megan Fox and Brian haven’t said where Noah attends school. Megan did, however, during her interview, Megan admitted that Noah attends an unorthodox elementary school in California. In a related manner, Noah has issues like being teased at school. Primarily due to the way he dressed. Noah claims to enjoy dressing in dresses. Others at his school completely disagree, too. However, Noah’s mother encourages her son’s bravery in showing off his clothing sense in public.

Noah shares the same passion for sports as the other kids and adores taking part in athletic events at school. His mother has also put some revelations in front of media talk regarding Noah. According to his mother, he is very smart, enjoys creating his own clothing, and has a keen sense of style.

Meanwhile, his schoolmates are critics and frequently pick up on him. Megan Fox, his fashion diva mother, however, encourages her son’s clothing choices and gives him the self-confidence to wear clothes in public.

Noah Family and their Professions

Noah Green Family and their Professions

As we have a little bit discussed above Noah Shannon Green’s parents and siblings. Now, let’s have an interesting and deep discussion about them. As well as an interesting discussion about their professions.

Noah Green mother

Megan Fox is his mother. Now, let’s talk about her profession. By career, his mother is an American actress and model. Mainly, she is a wonderful actress and model in America. Whereas, she has appeared in numerous films. Such as “Transformers,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle,” and others.

In a similar manner, the actress has served as a model for many prominent brands and businesses in high-end agreements.

Noah Green Father                        

Brian Austin Green is the father of Noah. He was born on July 15, 1973. And his birthplace is California. Brain Austin spent his teenage years in North Hollywood. His parents had Scottish ancestry.

He made a reputation for himself in Hollywood as an American rapper, actor, and producer. So, by profession, he is an amazing actor and a rapper. As well as he is a film producer. He has performed in many hit projects. For instance, David Silver from the television series “Beverley Hills,” Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Anger Management are a few of his major hit projects.

Noah Siblings

Noah Shannon Green was born in 2012 and his birth date is 27 September. At that time, he has a half-brother whose name is Kassius. On the other hand, one year later, Noah welcomed another younger brother name Bodhi.  

Fox and Green were having some personal issues. During their turbulent marriage, they considered divorce. But at that time they realized that Megan is expecting again. And they canceled the divorce procedure. When their third baby Journey was born, they tore up the divorce documents and decided to try again. Noah Shannon Green, his older brother. Now he is years old and moving towards the 10th year of his age.  

By profession, Noah and his siblings are too younger. It is the time of their schooling and education. Therefore, still they have not any kind of association with any profession.

Noah Shannon Green Net Worth

As Noah Green is only 9 years old, thus, there is no estimated net worth. However, according to our resources, his father and mother have a good estimated net worth. According to estimates, their net worth is about $8 to $10 million. Because they both were associated with a good profession and doing multiple jobs in different life sectors.

Noah Green Parents’ Marriage and Divorce

They have their first interaction in 2004. At that time, they both were working on the same project and it was the set of Hope & Faith. However, they had a good age difference between them. Like, she was approximately about 18 years of age. And on the other hand, the Brain was about 30 years of age. Thus, green was uncomfortable with dating because of that age difference. On the other hand, they both have a very good mutual understanding. Therefore, this age factor and other things never became a problem. Thus, dated each other for a short time and they got engaged to each other. Thus, in November 2006 they both got engaged. But according to some sources they had engaged in 2009. Well, on June 24, 2010, they officially became husband and wife.

From the beginning, Megan and Brian’s relationship was loaded with ups and downs.  In 2015, they initially parted ways. Even Fox initiated the divorce process in August of this year. But the following year, they reunited because Megan was expecting their third child. After the birth of their child, they thought to stay together. 

Despite getting back together, the couple’s romance didn’t last very long. In May 2020, it was revealed that the pair had split up. In November, the actress requested a second divorce from her partner Green.

With whom does Noah Shannon Green stay once his parents have split up?

However, they completed their divorce process in February 2022. Fox and her ex-husband Brian maintained joint legal and physical custody of their kids once their divorce was finalized. We can thus assume that Noah and his other two siblings will spend time with both their mother and father. 

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