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Mygroundbiz Login: Find The Official Portal at mygroundbiz.com

Mygroundbiz is an online platform that permits its users to use Mybizacount. You may quickly access a variety of advantages with your MygroundBiz Account. For instance, news about the business, details regarding cooperate sector, and success stories in multimedia format. Furthermore, you can get special info on vehicles and trucks, E-Forms, and last but not least, charge statements. As a result, when you start reading this post, you’ll discover that we’ve covered all the essential information for logging into your My Biz Account.

About Mygroundbiz Portal

The reason behind mygroundbiz is to provide easiness for FedEx users. For consumers and workers of FedEx, there is an online login portal called Mygroundbiz. FedEx users have many opportunities by getting a membership to mygroundbiz.com and all the advantages are available for them. However, you may have access to all of FedEx’s resources. For instance, company news, success stories films, supplier links, shipment tracking, and a portal where you can sell or buy cars.

Registration Process on Official Portal

Registration Process on MyGroundBiz Portal

A FedEx ID and password are necessary to access the mygroudbiz portal. You will require a FedEx ID and password in order to obtain your login information. Customers of FedEx can create an account on mygroundbiz.com. To sign up for mygroundbiz clients can log in to its portal. Following are some steps that you should fulfill in the registration process. 

  • To open this portal open any browser on your mobile or pc.
  • Then access the official online page (www.mygroundbiz.com).
  • Here it will show you its homepage.
  • To register for a My Ground Biz Account, select the “Create an Account” tab.
  • On the registration page, you’ll find a form that you need to fill out.
  • You’ll then be prompted for some private data, like your name, email address, and last name. Make a password next.
  • After filling out the form you need to check The “I’m no robot” box.
  • Now you have to select the “create account” tab.
  • Here you will get an email for confirmation and validation on your mentioned email address.
  • Your FedEx user ID and a link to activate your mygroundbiz account are both included in this email.
  • To activate mygroundbiz.com, click the link that has mentioned in the email.
  • It will be finished once you have finished the registration process. With your new username and password, you may now access your account.

Prerequisites for Mygroundbizaccount Login

To log in to the mygroundbiz website you should consider them. These prerequisites are the following.

  • Web URL for the online Platform for login.
  • Users must have a legitimate user ID and password to log into their My Groundbiz account on the authorized My Groundbiz portal.
  • Consistent internet access on a PC or smartphone for laptops, tablets, or other mobile devices

MyGroundBiz Login Process

However, Mygroundbiz’s login process is very easy and simple. To sign in to my ground biz, do the following:

  • Visit the company’s online platform at www.mygroundbiz.com.
  • My homepage will appear in front of you.
  • And here you will get a log-in button. Press this button.
  • Now fill up the mentioned necessary field with your FedEx ID. To proceed, click the “Log in” button.
  • Now apply your password next.
  • Click the start button to log into your mygroundbiz account after you have verified the details.
  • Whereas, it will show you the dashboard of this website after sign in. once your details have been updated. By inputting the right data again, incorrect details can be fixed.
  • However, if you submit incorrect information repeatedly, your account will be closed. It promises to offer a secure and safer system place.

Perks & Benefits of Mygroundbiz 

However, my ground biz membership offers a lot of advantages. Following are some benefits regarding mygroundbiz.

  • Users of FedEx will stay updated by its using its perks. For instance, at any moment they can receive updates, alerts, and the most recent news.
  • As well as they will get all the necessary information, including bank statements, electronic forms, and statements, available to customers.
  • Vehicle Trading is another method of trading cars.
  • Supplier connections.
  • Uplifting success tales.

MyGroundBiz Contact Information for Customer Service

If you encounter any issues, go into your mygroundbiz account or visit their official website “www.mygroundbiz.com”. Contact the site help desk by dialing 1.800. HELPMIS (435.7647). Customers can contact Mygroundbiz customer service Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to midnight EST and on Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.


In short, MyGroundBiz is a fantastic portal that allows access to its users and staff. This portal allows you to confirm the verification of your data. And check out the most recent and reliable information on FedEx, including parcels and other specifics.

However, we sincerely hope you find this content useful. There has been extensive sharing regarding www.Mygroundbiz.com. This explains how to log in, how to register, and how it works.

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