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Ouji Fashion: Want To Know All The Superb Things About Ouji Fashion?

Ouji Fashion is the best choice to go for people. As if you want to broaden your outfit and enhance your style to the next level. This is a fun style with lots of unique concepts and amusing portions. It’s both fun and fulfilling. And you’ll be amazed at how distinct and different this style can be. It’s an interesting concept that a lot of people will appreciate.

Let’s Understand the Ouji Fashion

Ouji, or prince fashion, is a Japanese alternative fashion that can be compared to Lolita fashion. It was also known as “kodona” in the western community. But that term has now fallen out of favor because it was a one-off term used by Ryutaro Arimura in a Gothic Lolita Bible interview.

Ouji Store Accessories

You can adopt the Ouji look in your own unique way. Socks are an essential accessory. And you’ll find striped or diamond-patterned socks here. There are a variety of additional sock styles to choose from. However, it all depends on your preferences and desired qualities. As previously stated, a hat, whether a newspaper boy or top hat type, can be extremely beneficial.

You can also include some other accessories of your choice. Brooches, neckties, and even a rose for your hat are available. That demonstrates the incredible attention to detail, experience, and style that you’d expect. It allows you to easily explain what thoughts you have. And how everything fits together.

Subtypes of Ouji Fashion

Ouji Fashion comes in a wide range of designs and subjects. It has the same three main subtypes. Such as sweet, classic, and gothic.

Ouji Brand shop

Sweet Ouji shop is a more adorable, youthful, and sweet outfit.

Subtypes of Ouji Fashion

Sweet ouji also have some common features include which are the following:

  • Pumpkin and puffed pants are popular and can be shorter than other ouji types.
  • High-waisted, cropped vests and jackets are also popular.
  • Neck bows with ribbons.

Classic Ouji

The refined air and emphasis on refinement characterize traditional ouji. This is a more mature version of sweet ouji fashion.

Ouji Fashion

This gives off a more typical “princely” vibe. This includes most ouji that does not fall in the sweet or gothic fashion category. The majority of the components are common in this as well. But on the other hand, pants are frequently knee-length or longer.

Gothic Ouji

Gothic ouji is also one of the subtypes of ouji brand shop. The gothic fashion sometimes gives more mature vibes.

Ouji Fashion

The gothic ouji fashion also has some common accessories. But this also has ouji fashion shorts, long or short coats, long boots, and a stick.

Where to Buy Ouji Fashion

This is a complete list of stores that sell ouji clothes. This list has Brands, Indie Brands, Retailers, and Secondhand Shopping.

Ouji Fashion Brands

The most expensive option for the Ouji Fashion store is usually Japanese labels. They are the main makers of ouji-style clothing. If you want to buy then you can buy from the “Japanese Store”. But they do not offer international shipping. To buy from them you have to use a shopping service or mail service.

Indie Brands

The indie brands are cheaper than brands. But still, they have good stuff with good quality. The quality of each indie brand may different. So before buying must read the review section.


These are the brand’s official distributors. It may be cheaper to order via a distributor rather than the brand directly. But also it depends on your location.

Online Store

Ouji online stores also exist. You can buy ouji fashion product costumes from any online retailer market. Such as Etsy, AliExpress, etc.

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