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Picuki: The Best Instagram Viewer And Alternatives?

No, doubt, Instagram is a very popular social networking site. Although it offers many exciting features, still users have to face certain restrictions. For instance, the users will unable to view their profile without an account, Picuki users are neither able to see the profile image in full size nor able to download it.

But you no need to worry. All these functions are offered by free online Picuki Instagram viewing solutions. This is the best alternative to using an Instagram profile without login into any account. However, if you do not familiar that how to use the Picuki Instagram viewer then don’t worry. You will get all the essential details about it. Additionally, we fill out the other available Picuki alternatives.

What is Picuki?

Picuki is a popular web application that Instagram users can use to see their Instagram profile without any profile creation. They can quickly, easily, and for free view the posts of their Instagram connections without having to log in or open an account.

Although, once you’ve accessed this website, you can utilize it in a variety of ways and benefit from the various resources without spending money or wasting time.

You have the choice to browse, and view followers, comments, stories, locations, hashtags, and other types of content on the website. As we’ve already indicated, all of the material is offered without restriction and for no cost.

Features of

Having a good understanding of what Picuki is for Instagram, you should be aware that this web service includes several features that are both interesting and practical and these features are the following:

  • However, a user can follow and check out the profile of any celebrity. Also, they can stay updated with their content.
  • Anyone can extract Instagram Stories using this program so that you can save them and access them as often as you like.
  • Furthermore, by using this website we facilitate the users to have the option to quickly and easily save Instagram photographs and videos.
  • You have the option to look through your friends’ Instagram profiles and read the most noteworthy Instagram news.

How does Picuki Work? is an online social media substitute for Instagram. There are essentially two methods for using this website to monitor Instagram users.

  1. Searching accounts
  2. Utilizing a hashtag Search

1# Searching accounts

You can use this website to accomplish this by following the steps below.

  • Firstly, visit Picuki login to access the online platform.
  • A new page will open. Use the search feature to find the Instagram username.
  • After then, a list of accounts will appear.
  • Simply click the desired account to open it.
  • Finally, your desired account will open.

2# Utilizing a hashtag search

Follow the instructions below to see the Instagram post that uses the chosen hashtag.

  • Visit the online webpage.
  • Enter the hashtag you want to see, then select “search” and “search icon” from the drop-down menu.
  • The list of hashtags is shown.
  • Choose the hashtag that you are searching for.

How to Open a Profile Using Picuki?

If you want to open any profile by using picuki Instagram viewer, just follow the steps which are the following.

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Visit the website Here you can search any profile or user using any method that has been mentioned above. This means either by using the search option or hashtag method.
  3. The name of the profile you want to view, exactly enter the same name in the search field that displays on the home page.
  4. Make sure you choose the correct profile because several profiles that contain the search terms you entered can show up.
  5. Now, it’s done. Your desired profile has opened now.

How Do I Edit Videos and Pictures?

You have the opportunity to edit your photos and videos on Picuki. You may adjust the background of your photos, modify the filter, and do many other things. This option is not available on Instagram. Only when adding photographs to your feed may you edit the photo’s filter.

How does Instagram Viewer work with Instagram Stories?

It provides the access to any profile without any login process. Therefore, you may access Instagram accounts’ stories by tapping on the story icon. You do not need to sign through your own Instagram account to watch the stories.

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Advantages of

  • Online downloads of unique posts are possible without entering your account details.
  • This is a free online tool to access Instagram without any account creation.
  • Also, you may view people’s use history, which might be interesting to you.
  • Nobody can see the action that you performed there.
  • It is a secure and practical way to download posts. Online downloads of unique posts are possible without entering your account details.

What you can’t do by using

Users cannot do the following operations on which are the following.

  • Posting of images and videos has restricted.
  • Normally, users do not have any access to put a remark on someone else’s post.
  • Users will unable to like any other user’s post.
  • Not able to Tag a person.
  • Users do not allow to put any story.
  • Can’t do a direct message to anyone.
  • Posts and videos can be shared with everyone.
  • Do not have a facility to join a live.

Is Picuki Anonymous?

Yes. The biggest benefit of using Picuki is that no one will be able to find out who you are or whether you’re planning to investigate their accounts. However, you can continue to focus on your opponents or your loved ones because you are an anonymous user. Because you can actually access the entire world from the palm of your hand and it is getting smaller. The best features of pocuki are only accessible on PCs and laptops. Whereas, for iPhones and iPads, the pocuki app has offered a minimal version. This is unique because no app or website has such a huge potential.

Is using Picuki safe and legal?

Particularly, users should know that pocuki is completely safe and legal. As a result, you can use this website quickly and easily to browse the social platform’s content.

So now, there is no problem downloading the other’s stories and posts.

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Picuki Alternatives

There are a few Picuki alternatives which are the following.


It is the best alternative to picuki. Another website that functions as a user and analyzer for Instagram reels, posts, photographs, and stories is SmiHub. The official link of this SmiHub website is

 This website has a potential algorithm. By using this useful algorithm, users can look at the Instagram data of your business or another brand. You can view and check Instagram postings without having an Instagram account.


Another free viewer platform is called InstaXYZ which lets you watch other users’ Instagram posts. Its official website is

It is a website similar to pocuki, but it is quicker, safer, and easier to use. However, you will get a search box after clicking the InstaXYZ link where you may enter a hashtag or specific and accurate user name. Whereas, you may view all Instagram accounts, hashtags, media, comments, and statistics using this tool. You may find the names and user names of popular users of this program on the platform’s home page. A list of well-known Instagram tags and users will appear. You spend less time choosing which Instagram account to follow or take into consideration just because of its proper functioning.


You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a tool to magnify the photos on your Instagram profile. IzoomYou makes it simple to browse and enlarge Instagram user profiles. You can perform different operations using this website and by visiting the link.

 You may see, share, or save Instagram profile pictures in high definition using this website. However, people are not able to view Private accounts. Whereas, public accounts can be used to download multimedia.

 The website has the following features:

  • It can extend and download Instagram profile pictures while maintaining privacy for posts, stories, and favorites.
  • Downloading public IG profiles.


In conclusion, picuki is a free web application. By using this Instagram viewer and pocuki users can view and download Instagram pictures and videos and look for content using hashtags. We make an effort to go into detail about each feature of this website. Also, we have found the best suitable picuki alternatives.

As of recently, with a few mouse clicks and computer commands, you may access any account from anywhere in the world. And also view any profile without login into any account. To follow their post, stories, and many more.

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