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Need To Know Among Us Pumpkin Carving, Interesting Character!

Did you know that since last year, the image of a custom-carved among us pumpkin is featuring amazingly? However, Among Us pumpkin carving video game character has been gaining significant attention? No doubt, among us crazy fans are available. Canadian, American, and British fans of among us pumpkin are curious to learn more about the artisan. Who was the pumpkin’s carver? What kind of substance has used? Looks like what? Why was it so well-liked? This post will provide you with a piece of comprehensive information on the internet phenomenon known as Pumpkin Carving among Us.

What is Among Us Pumpkin Carving?

As Halloween is quickly approaching, many people carve out frightening pumpkins with triangle or round eyes and pointed teeth to give them a frightening appearance. But this time, an internet user had used sweet potatoes to carve out characters from the movie “Among Us.”

The member of the Among Us crew has molded with a sweet potato by Reddit user Cowardly Prince. Although, it was a small pumpkin, and also it has used to carve the character. Whereas, it was roughly the length of two hands.

Features of Among Us Pumpkin Carving

This is a unique character. And the fans from different countries are admiring it for the last few years. Well, there are some features of Among Us Pumpkin Carving which the following.

  • The crew member’s body and legs have made up of sweet potatoes. Pumpkin Carving Among Us wiki has a curved pattern, smooth corners, and a yellowish or golden appearance.
  • The hood and the backpack of the visor look like butternut squash. However, the bag design is unique that is square in design. While the visor has a rectangular shape with rounded sides.
  • The cap is made up of a pumpkin. which is the most significant component of the Among Us crew. It had pointed teeth and triangular eyes. The pumpkin’s bottom jaw part was cut out so it could be positioned on the head.
  • The carving appears sweeter than the animated Among Us character. The carving featured a light pink visor and backpack rather than a blue one.

Most Recent Halloween Additions to Among Us

The video game “Among Us” produced a lot of frightening goods last year. And fans had encouraged to carve pumpkins while playing the Among Us game when it reopened with Halloween themes for crew members last week.

 Some additions for the among us pumpkin are the following.

  • Dr.’s mask for the plague
  • Hat of a witches
  • Wolf’s ears
  • Devil horns

The caps in the Among Us games for the different seasons are now playable on different devices. For instance, PC, Switch, and mobile devices.

Among Us Pumpkin Lanterns for Halloween

The Among Us figures have become a popular subject for many fans. Especially for the famous independent game. And they begin carving their own among us jack-o’-lanterns for Halloween. We’ve gathered some of the finest efforts made by internet users to carve the ideal pumpkin in the spirit of Halloween because no two of us can approach embellishing pumpkins in the same way.

So, there are some pumpkin carvings for Among Us jack-o-lanterns for Halloween which are the following.

1# The winner takes this Home

1# The winner takes this Home

This carving is showing prizes for all the Members of the crew.

2# One Smooth Backstab

2# One Smooth Backstab - Among Us Pumpkin

You overestimated your crewmate’s reliability. This is how suffering feels.

3# Don’t Trust What’s Beside You

3# Don’t Trust What’s Beside You

Be careful of what is near to you and never trust it.


Shortly, among us pumpkin carving is amazing. Whereas, many individuals were encouraged by Cowardly Prince’s masterpiece to use veggies as the basis for stunning works of art. Cowardly Prince’s artwork had attracted positive comments on the internet and on social media. However, the scary pumpkin might be seen on the Crewmate among us Jack-o-Lantern Hawolleen Hat.

We hope you must like these Pumpkin Carving Among Us characters.

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