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Tish Melton, Glennon Doyle’s Daughter, A Young Singer?

Have you heard of Tish Melton? If you are a music lover then I am pretty sure you have heard about this lovely younger singer girl. But if not, it’s totally fine. Because in this piece of content, you will get a lot of things to know about her. She’s a pretty big deal in the music industry. And also happens as the daughter of a bestselling author and activist, Glennon Doyle. She was once married to a former soccer player, Craig Melton. For 14 years and they had a child together. But even with her mom as a well prominent figure, she has managed to make a name for herself on several occasions. In this article, we’re going to dive into those moments when she outshone her famous mother and took center stage. It’s pretty interesting, you should check it out!

The Story of Tish Melton’s Parents

Tish Melton, now 16 years old, was born in February 2006 and has named after her father’s mother. Her father, Craig Melton, is an employee at Prevail Sales Enterprise, and a former soccer player who is of Hispanic descent. Tish’s mother is Glennon Doyle. She is a writer and native of Burke, Virginia who met Craig on July 4, 2001, at an all-day bar crawl in Washington, DC. Craig and Glennon quickly began a life together that included “drinking and drugging constantly”. Glennon became pregnant and initially chose to terminate the pregnancy. However, several months later she found out she was pregnant again. And she has decided to keep the baby, with the two gettings married soon after.

The couple has welcomed three children into their family, including Tish. But they ended their marriage in mid-2016 after Glennon came out. Following this, Glennon started a relationship with Abby Wambach. She is a celebrity soccer champ, Olympian, activist, and author in February 2016, with the two getting married in May 2017.

Tish Melton Siblings

Tish Melton Siblings

Did you know Tish Melton has siblings? Yeah, she’s got a brother named Chase who’s older, and a sister name Amma who’s younger. They all come from the same parents, Craig and Doyle who got married and then started a family. They first had a baby boy named Chase and then moved to Fairfax, Virginia. Two years later Tish came along, and not too long after that they welcomed their second daughter, Amma, who has named after Doyle’s sister Amanda. It’s a pretty tight-knit family with four members. How cool is that?

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Tish Melton Career

Do you know what’s interesting? She is the daughter of Craig and Doyle. And she has not only blessed with siblings, but she also has a hidden talent! According to her mom, Glennon, Tish is an incredible singer and she’s very proud of her for pursuing her passion. Even though she hasn’t hit the big stage yet, she’s already making waves on social media.

She’s posting audio recordings of her singing on Instagram and let me tell you, she’s got some pipes! She’s covered songs from her favorite artists. like Lucy Dacus’ “Brando” and Taylor Swift’s “All too well”. She posted on February 27, 2022, and March of the same year. It’s pretty cool to see her talent being shared with the world.

Tish Melton, the daughter of Craig and Doyle, has huge admiration for Taylor Swift, and it shows in the music she listens to before bed. So it’s not a surprise that she wanted to learn how to play the guitar and sing. With the encouragement of her mother, Glennon, and her mother’s partner, Abby Wambach, Tish started taking singing lessons and developing her music skills.

As Tish progressed, her family couldn’t be more proud of her artistry. Glennon even shared that her beautiful voice is always present in their home. Additionally, thanked Taylor for inspiring her daughter to pursue music. It’s great to know that Taylor has delighted to hear this news too. Abby even took to social media to express her gratitude to Taylor. Overall, the whole family is ecstatic about Tish’s progress and talent. It’s pretty cool to see how the support of family and the inspiration of an artist can lead to someone’s passion must fulfill.

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