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What Is PPP Detective And Is It Legit and Reliable?

As it is a government initiative to look for any fraudulent activities in PPP loan programs and determine whether PPP Detective is legitimate or not. Read the site’s dependability information. PPP Detective.com: What is it? What is the project’s contribution to PPP loan data fraud detection?

Security researchers and fraud investigators have been looking over the comprehensive data to see if any bogus organizations have identified. Since the Small Business Administration in the United States published the list of PPP loan applicants. A project called PPPdetective.com seeks to uncover PPP loan fraud. Is PPP Detective Legit, though? People want to know whether or not the website itself is fraudulent.

What is PPP Detective?

You first need to have at least a basic understanding of PPP before you can describe how the website works. Basically, PPP is the Paycheck Protection program. It is a great idea that has introduced after the pandemic.  When the US government sparked the Covid-19 pandemic was in full swing. This application has designed to help sole owners, small businesses, particular corporations, and non-profit organizations. And as well as it helps the self-employed people who run their businesses more effectively and pay their employees the same way they always do.

The PPP program provides people who qualify with a low-cost, interest-bearing loan. However, the purpose is to aid in the efficient operation of payroll or other business expenses.

Fraudulent PPP Loan Penalties

PPP Detective

Fraudulent PPP loans are subject to severe consequences. A person who falsifies information on a loan application in order to receive a PPP loan may be subject to a fine of up to $250,000, a maximum sentence of five years in prison, or both.

A borrower may be subject to prosecution punishment from the United States in the form of a civil action for any damages. As well as losses brought on by the individual’s personal unethical activities if they are found guilty of a crime connected to the PPP loan program. 

Furthermore, any individual who gets a PPP loan by fraud and the person will definitely be subject to repayment of the full loan amount and additionally, it will hold interest in possible criminal and civil penalties.

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Is PPP Detective Legit?

Are you familiar with the website Pppdetective.com? Find out the purpose of the site if not. In accordance with the site’s information, Brian Hamachek is the website’s only owner and administrator. Thus according to rumors, Brian Hamachek made the decision to launch this website after reviewing the whole list of PPP loans for the city where he currently resides.

He acknowledged that several of the loans on this list sounded strange and gave him the impression that something was off because he knew from looking at the list that certain companies had been inflating their staff counts. Some businesses were also nonexistent. He claimed that he was capable of identifying the fraudulent operations because the businesses were in his area based on the news coverage during the creation of this website. When users see suspicious behavior in a company’s loan data, they can contact the SBA to report it.

Information that is critical to determining its reliability has been found. First of all, the domain is less than 16 months old. On March 25, 2021, a domain name registration for it was made. Additionally, is PPP Detective Real? It was impossible to compile trust scores from US citizens at this time. It has a 2% trust score, as determined by the sources. Additionally, while some users deem the website to be decent, others are not happy.


In short, the PPP Detective Portal is a cutting-edge tool for identifying and reporting fraud among PPP loan users.  However, this website is not too old is and hasn’t yet able to live up to its promise. PPP investigations and user comments on Reddit indicate that the site received conflicting feedback regarding PPP Detective’s legitimacy. It is also important to know how to avoid scams. Have you been here before? Share with us your experience.

FAQs (People also ask)

Is PPP detective a real website?

Presently Available – Crowd Sourced Fraud Detection To Root Out PPP Fraud. One person – Brian Hamachek – chose to assume control over issues and utilize his coding abilities to make a site called PPP Detective to assist the public root out extortion against the PPP with crediting program.

What is a PPP in law enforcement?

Public-Private Partnerships are reasonable ways of assisting policing with deficiencies in their financial plans. These confidential assets assist with buying hardware, further local area projects, and help neighborhood policing with various different things of ventures. Numerous organizations have various types of associations.

How do I find PPP loan recipients?

The U.S. SBA routinely distributes PPP advance information for all past PPP credit beneficiaries. All information in this search comes straightforwardly from the freely accessible PPP information on the SBA site. Skip isn’t partnered with the SBA or any administration office and has assembled this beneficiary quest for instructive purposes as it were.

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