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657 Area Code – How Avoid This Kind of Scams?

657 Area Code is Scam!  However, in this post, we are going to help you in educating readers about a fresh fraud originating from a new area code. Please review the details right away. Americans are furious about the latest Area Code 657 Scammers. Thus, here we will find out what the deal is, and what steps people should take to prevent this kind of scam.

The code 657 is frequently used by fraudsters and scammers to phone and text unsuspecting victims. The least trusted phone numbers in America are those with the prefix 657. People should use caution because they have received bad reviews. Anyone who receives calls or texts from the prefix 657 should notify the authorities right away. Also, never click on any questionable links it contains.

About the 657 Area Code

However, this area code 657 exists in California and this area relies on zip code 48. Whereas, 8% of people in America register to phone numbers with this area code 657 nationwide. Out of this, 84% utilize landlines, 10% use wireless, and 6% have an undetermined source of transmission.

Text Messages with 657 Area Code

It really needs time to understand that calls and texts from phone numbers with the code 657 have the weakest trust ratings and the most malicious web warnings. Hackers who utilize the 657 Area Code, do a text or email attempt to capture your credentials by using the following techniques:

  • An SMS message containing goodies from Amazon,
  • Text message requesting UPS delivery information,
  • Text messages offering incentives or announcing job interviews.

Scammers will make one attempt or a part of attempts to obtain your personally identifiable details. Such as your address, date of birth, email, bank information, etc. As they are a group of expert scammers and hackers who can easily access your information. For instance, they might receive your date of birth, email, and address in a text message about a job interview. As well as information on UPS delivery to your address.

The fraudster will call in one effort from a text message number with the area 657. He can pose as a UPS delivery person and establish an URGENCY to get your address. You may get a general understanding of how area code 657 is used from the information provided below. Additionally, it will enable you to determine whether the text message has sent from a wireless or a landline phone.

What Sorts of Scams Can Be Predicted from the Area Code 657 Phone Number?

According to the survey that the higher authorities have conducted online, they discovered that nowadays it’s a very common scam. Whereas, hundreds of people have received texts, calls, and even emails from phone numbers beginning with the prefix 657. Since SMS messages employ presents to entice recipients and promise money in exchange for completing surveys. There are numerous reports that it seems like a newer fraud.

Several of the consumers have acquired text messages from Area Code 657 Scams requesting them to click on a link to disclose information on parcel delivery and posing as USP. A text message with the subject line “System Warning” has sent to selected recipients. Whereas, when the consumer clicks on the link they can lose their confidential information from their device.

These scams also instruct the victims to schedule an appointment for a business meeting or interview. It also gives a positive gesture to the victim that they are welcome for this particular job or interview without any prior experience. It happened by clicking the link sent to them via email.


In short, the 657 area code is a big scam. Americans are talking about these scams everywhere they go. Users must be aware of these frauds and never click on any suspicious links contained in text messages. These are merely online scams. Therefore you should reject them and report them to the government municipalities.

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