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What Is Bomboloni Volcano? Grab The Delicious Recipe

Bomboloni Volcano – Do you enjoy sugary foods? Do you enjoy eating desserts of all varieties? Do you especially like freshly baked bread? You had to eat doughnuts. As a result, you really do need to study this post to learn more about this dietary sweet item.

We’ve discussed details about a current trend in doughnuts in this post. Canadian and American food enthusiasts, as well as those from other nations, are interested in the recipe. Consequently, read on to learn more about the Bomboloni Volcano.

What is Bomboloni Volcano?

The bomboloni is indeed referred to as an Italian doughnut without a center hole. The term bomboloni comes from the Italian word “bomba” which means bomb. However, bomboloni volcano means a bomb that has a huge melting liquid. Thus, these donuts are fully fluffed and have a huge sweet liquid in form of lava. 

Historical Background Volcano Bomboloni

Bomboloni is famous as a common sweet dish in Italy. The Italians were the ones who devised this dish in the 17th century. However, they were cooking something else but with a little innovation and experimentation, they came up with a new kind of bomboloni sweet dish. Whereas, it has featured the stuffed jelly-like structure of jam, custard, sweet cream, etc.

This doughnut has stuffed puffs up, the jelly structures inside the doughnut bust, and some jelly-like material pours out of it when the doughnut has pinched. Consequently, it earned the name “volcano.”

What ingredients are required to make the Bomboloni Recipe?

However, you can use the following components to make the dessert bomboloni:

  • To make the experience sweeter, it includes sugar.
  • A small amount of butter for frying and forming the dough mixture.
  • Use vanilla extract to flavor the dough.
  • Yeast, two tablespoons.
  • 2-3 eggs.
  • 0.5 cup of milk.
  • Wheat flour for baking and everyday use.
  • One cup of cream, any flavor will do.
  • Jelly for making a filling.

The major components used to manufacture Bomboloni have listed above. Many of these items are simple to find at home, and any shop should also have additional ingredients. You can prepare Bomboloni at home by using these ingredients in the appropriate ratios.

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Steps to Make Delicious and Soft Bomboloni

The procedures for making this delicious dish at home are below. A batch of this recipe will make 16 to 18 bombolonis.

  • Take One tablespoon of whole milk at room temperature and add it to the mixer.
  • Together with 1 teaspoon of sugar granules and add 1 packet or one teaspoon of dried yeast to the milk.
  • Take a five-minute nap to look bubbly.
  • Then add pure soft and salted butter above Six teaspoons into this mixture.
  • Following that, you must add four cups of all-purpose flour. Two eggs, and a few drops of pure vanilla extract.
  • Then put the Bomboloni Volcano dough in a bowl but firstly grease the bowl with the oil or butter.  And cover it with plastic wrap, and let it rest for an hour.
  • After resting the pastry for one hour then roll out the pastry mixture to a thickness of one inch.
  • And cut the doughnuts with a cutter that is three inches in diameter.
  • Cut out the circular shapes and place them on greaseproof paper baking pans. 
  • The bottom of a heavy-bottomed pot should be heated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit while cooking vegetable oil. On the other hand, you can also fry these doughnuts.
  • To avoid overcrowding the pan, it has recommended frying the bombolonis in batches.
  • The doughnuts have dusted with sugar and placed up on the baking pans to fill them as the final step in this recipe for bomboloni.
  • And enjoy these yummy stuffed donuts.


In short, foodies are branding a straightforward dessert called Bomboloni Volcano after a blast because of its mouthwatering filling. You can also try Nutella or Wild flour bread if you’re from this state.

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