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Zambian Meat: The Real Story of Behind The Scene Cannibalism?

You may learn more regarding the website for Zambian Meat Cannibalism in this post piece, including whether you should believe it or not. No doubt it gives a very terrible feeling. Cannibalism is a wrong action that goes against civilized conduct. But did you know that certain individuals have persecuted and driven by the desire to severely injure someone and consume their body parts? We are sure you were not aware of these facts.

However, even if you haven’t heard, there are many who behave in this manner. Whereas, one instance has given a few years ago by Germany. Let’s begin our examination of Zambian Meat Cannibalism, a website that attempted to spread the cannibalistic notion that we shall explore in this essay.

What is Zambian Website?

Zambian is an online website that allows the public to make an open discussion on the subject of Cannibalism. However, it indicates that the website provides an open forum for its users to discuss killing and devouring people. So, those that share the same ideology are welcome to register on our page. The sad thing is that cannibals leave no evidence when they slaughter someone and consume human organs.

An Overview of the Zambian Meat Website

This webpage gained attention when German cops grabbed Detlev G. He was also a former police officer. In this case after discovering pieces of a bloody body in Detlev’s garden. The occurrence and the purposes of these website users were subsequently made known to us all.

Due to certain rules, the victim’s name and identification are not widely disclosed. Furthermore, the victim’s interaction with the former officer revealed that he was a user of this website and has intrigued by the notion of cannibalism.

Essential Information on Zambian Meat Cannibalism

  • It has claimed by a website on the internet that people are being encouraged to practice cannibalism.
  • According to our research, it is an obscure website. Because no information is available on its official website or other social media platform.
  • There is no access to the physical tracking information, terms and conditions information, or contact page for them.
  • About their privacy policy, we can discover some material, but it also doesn’t seem accurate. Therefore, depending on it is not a sensible move.
  • On this website, there are no reviews or information about its customers.
  • PayPal is the only method of payment accepted by Zambian Meat Cannibalism, making it a dubious payment processor.
  • As well as this website does not have any details about its owner.
  • We don’t know if the website operates in accordance with the above-mentioned internet regulations or not.
  • The website offers a great deal of confidentiality, thus we cannot recommend that one should believe it.
  • Therefore, based on our research, we were unable to determine whether the website is a reliable source. As a result, one should make an effort to reject the website about Zambian meat cannibalism.

What is the Case of Zambian Meat Cannibalism?

Detlev Guenzel, a German citizen and local police has accused of killing and attempting to kill a man. On a forum devoted to cannibalism, Guenzel and the guy connected and discussed their common fantasies. The man’s constant fantasy was to be killed and swallowed.

Following an investigation, the Dresden Police Department accused Guenzel of killing the guy. In the end, the defendant confessed to the offense, and he has convicted of the crime.

The two guys met on a website called Zambian Meat. However, we do not have as much information about this case. The world become surprised by the Zambian Meat Case. Guenzel confessed to being guilty during the investigation by police.

Two Sides of Zambian Meat Website Story

However, the victim has attracted by the idea of cannibalism from a young age and desires as killed and swallowed. According to the communications between the victim and Detlev exchanged and Detlev’s confession, according to the two sides of the Zambian Meat Website story.

However, the German police discovered that Detlev possessed any personality abnormalities, suicidal characteristics, or a desire to murder anyone.

The Arrest of Detlev

Detlev has detained on November 11, 2013, while still working for the Saxony State Office of Criminal Investigation’s Forensics Division. Being undetectable, Detlev’s companions have surprised by the issue regarding his website for Zambian meat.


In conclusion, Zambian meat is an online forum to discuss Cannibalism. Currently, there is no information available on Zambian Meat. As well as the website is not functional. However, the police investigation indicates that both men met on the same site. 

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