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Who is Helena Schneider? All About Rob Schneider’s Ex-Wife

Actor Rob Schneider’s former spouse is Helena Schneider. However, the couple got married in the time of 2002. Not long after Deuce Bigalow and Hot Chick became popular films. Helena Schneider has unidentified and does not have any popularity. However, she was formerly wed to actor Rob Schneider. Before deciding to marry and have kids, the couple dated for almost seven months before starting their new life journey together. Thus, they got married on October 1, 2002. Unfortunately, there is little documentation available about their marriage. And they chose to end it amicably without bringing it to a court or attracting much public attention.

Considering Helena is no longer a couple to Rob Schneider. She must really have updated her identity. To learn more about her location, we’ll have to contact her former husband Rob Schneider. Helena always tries to keep her life private. Thus she does not maintain a good profile on different social media networking sites. Thus let’s discover some more content about Helena Schneider.

Helena Schneider’s Height and Weight

Helena Schneider weighs approximately 67kg. On the other hand, her height is 5 feet 3 inches. She is of normal height, not very tall.

Helena Schneider the Ex-Wife of Rob Schneider

Rob Schneider is a really well prominent American actor. He was previously married to Helena Schneider. They started dating in 2001 and were together for almost a year. On October 1, 2002. They have united in marriage in a secret ceremony that has seen by their family and closest acquaintances. The couple was madly in love at the time they were spotted together on red carpets. And most of the time they do very romantic photo shoots together. Contrary to what you see in Hollywood, romances with couples who are madly in love don’t always end pleasantly. Their love did not have a happy ending. Thus it was not a unique example. Three years later, according to reports, the couple split.

Rob Schneider has also married the actress London King in the past. On September 25, 1988, the couple exchanged vows. But unfortunately, they separated on September 1, 1990. Through their relationship, the pair has a daughter named Elle King. Whereas, they welcomed their daughter on July 3, 1989. And she was born in Los Angeles, California. The couple has given the name Tanner Elle Schneider during childbirth.

Rob Schneider’s Identity

Rob Schneider has birthed in San Francisco, California. However, his birth date is October 31, 1963. His mom and dad are Marvin and Pilar Schneider. And he has raised in the Pacifica neighborhood of San Francisco.

His father, Marvin Schneider has a belonging with a real estate profession. Whereas he works as a real estate agent. On the other hand, his mother, Pilar Schneider was a retired elementary school teacher and member of the Pacifica state board of education. Terra Nova High School in Pacifica conferred a diploma on Rob Schneider.

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Helena Schneider Husband Marriages 

Helena Schneider Husband Marriages

Helena’s ex-husband is a prominent actor in Hollywood. The American actor Rob Schneider is currently wed to Patricia Maya Schneider after formerly being married to London King and Helena Schneider.

Rob Schneider originally wed London King on September 25, 1988. And they both later separated on September 1, 1990. Actress London King has had television appearances in films including a better way to die (2000), he callin’ (2002), and raw fish (2001). Elle King is the name of the daughter Rob Schneider and she had together. On July 3, 1989, Tanner Elle Schneider was conceived in Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

But Rob Schneider is currently wed to Patricia Maya Schneider. And the pair of them have two kids together. On April 23, 2011, the pair exchanged vows in Beverly Hills, California. Mexican filmmaker and actor Patricia Maya Schneider is quite well for her parts in the films Real Rob (2015), Amor es Amor (2022), and Teach Me to Dance. In 2012, the newlyweds delivered birth to a baby. And Miranda Scarlett Schneider. Madeline Robbie Schneider, their second child, was born to them in September 2016.

Helena Schneider Net Worth

As Helena wants to keep her life private instead of any media spotlight. Thus there is not too much stuff available about her private information. So, she does not have opened anything about her earnings and net worth. The current estimated earnings of Helena Schneider are unclear. However, she has frequently spotted on red carpets with her husband together as Rob Schneider’s ex-wife.

But following their divorce. Helena has avoided the spotlight and wants to lead a solitary life untainted by social media, the focus of the reporters, and wider populace interest.

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