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Who is Shyheim Jenkins? The Untold Facts about Jeezy’s Son

Do you know Jeezy? He is a prominent rapper, composer, and actor. Whereas his actual full name is Jay Wayne Jenkins. Additionally, Shyheim Jenkins’ parents are Jay Wayne Jenkins and a former business partner. The compositions Put On, All There, Soul Survivor, Seen It All, and other top singles are all by Jeezy, the father of Shyheim.

So let’s discover more: Thug Motivation 101 by Jeezy made its Billboard 200 premiere at No. 2 in 2005. It was later given a platinum certification. Shyheim, Jay’s second child, is less well-known in the media than his older siblings and father. Additionally, he seldom ever makes posts on social media sites.

Even Jeezy doesn’t seem to take much pleasure in talking about his son Shyheim. Determine the cause of the superstar child’s obscurity. As Jeezy’s son, you can browse across Shyheim’s upbringing as well.

Shyheim Jenkins Biological Mother

It is not made clear who Shyheim’s biological parents are. Jeezy has actually thought about these and various other questions for a very long period of time. However, sources indicate that Tenesha Dykes is the mother of both Shyheim and Jadarius, Shyheim’s elder brother. Thus according to TMZ, Shyheim Jenkins, the second son of musician Put One, has reportedly birthed sometime between 1996 and 1999.

What is Shyheim Jenkins’s Career Path?

Shyheim generally lives a modest lifestyle, in contrast to his older brother, father, and stepmother. He is also not present on social media networking platforms. Such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, among other social media sites. Furthermore, Jeezy hasn’t seen in public with his second child for some time now.

Whatever the cause, Shyheim’s reduced occasional camera time makes it very evident that he isn’t really motivated to further the common good. Thus, it is not accurately available what profession of Shyheim Jenkins is and what he is doing for his living.

Relationship between Shyheim Jenkins and His Siblings

Along with an elder brother, Shyheim also has a younger half-sister. Whereas, her name is Amra Nor Jenkins. She came to the world on February 2014. Jeezy and musician Mahalet Gebregiorgis, another of his ex-girlfriends, had a child, Amra.

Mahi, the mother of Shyheim is allegedly not quite as close to Jeezy as she ought to be. Despite the fact that Jeezy, Shyheim’s father, is close to his daughter Amra. Due to his father’s primary relationship, Shyheim and Monaco are half-sisters. She was born in late December 2021 thanks to Jeezy’s romance with his current partner, talk show host Jeannie Jenkins of The Real.

How many relationships did Shyheim Jenkins’ father have?

How many relationships did Shyheim Jenkins' father have?

Rapper Shyheim’s father has in a number of partnerships over the years. He has also fathered many children with them, including Shyheim. Uncertainty surrounds the moms of each of the children, as was already mentioned.

However, the vocalist almost always had a bad attitude toward each of them. Even one of his baby mothers worried about him, saying he had skipped out on numerous contributions of child support. She also accused him of having a bad father. Jeezy, though, denied the accusations. The co-host of the real talk shows The Real is Jeezy’s current husband.

In November 2018, the couple began dating, and in 2020 they became engaged. On March 27, 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia, they decided to get married in a small ceremony. In January 2022, over a year afterward, Shyheim’s daddy and his new partner had their first child. It’s a baby girl and their daughter’s name is Monaco Mai Jenkins.

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Jeezy Once Assaulted one of his sons, Is he an Abusive Parent?

In September 2012, Jeezy made headlines for allegedly assaulting one of his older kids and even making death threats against him.

Documents from TMZ at the time indicated that there were rumors that the rapper, now 44, and his child had a violent altercation sometime in September 2012. In accordance with the magazine’s informants, one of Jeezy’s youngsters reportedly injured his head after being hurled against a bathroom shower’s glass door.

According to historical reports, the patriarch of the Jenkins family allegedly slapped his son in the face after, he pulled him into the bedroom. Furthermore, beat him repeatedly. Then, Jeezy swore that he would murder his child.

What’s Really Going on Behind The Beating?

It’s still unclear who Jeezy’s son, Shyheim, or his older sibling, Jadarius Jenkins, really was the target in all of this. Jeezy’s younger son, Shyheim was 13 years old at the time. And Jadarius was 17 years old.

Back then, none of the publications specifically stated which of Jeezy’s boys has struck. The oldest, Jadarius, was reportedly 16 at the time. However, Shyheim, Jeezy’s second child and a juvenile somewhere at the date of the incident. Whereas, he was 13 years old. He had uploaded a picture of his first son to Social media such as Facebook a few months before the incident with the caption.

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